June 21, 2024

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Is it really possible to ask for Bolsonaro's help in the amount of R$250 and R$400?

Is it really possible to ask for Bolsonaro’s help in the amount of R$250 and R$400?

In partnership with the Ministries of Economy and Citizenship, the government of the President Bolsonaro It intends to launch two new features that can help Brazilians working in traffic. The first is fuel allowancewith an estimated value between 250 and 300 BRL, and trucker bag, which can be up to R$400. Learn more about it below!

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fuel allowance

With the price of petrol on the rise, the government intends to give aid worth R$250-300 to Brazilians who earn a living from working in traffic. This measure applies to both application drivers, truck drivers, taxi drivers, as well as those who work in order delivery.

To receive assistance, participants must be registered with Cadastro Único (cad unique) and has a monthly household income per capita up to a minimum wage. To ensure the sustainability of the program, the idea is to update the transfer value every semester, in case the price of fuel rises even further.

Currently, the proposal to create a payment fuel allowance It is in final process in the House of Representatives, through Bill 535/22. That is, it is not yet possible to apply for benefits resources. If approved, the text will be sent to the Federal Senate. From there she will then leave for a presidential sentence.

trucker bag

It is not only gasoline that is showing a rise at stations, diesel has also gained prominence in recent months after showing significant price increases, sparking dissatisfaction among the category of truck drivers, who have already claimed the possibility of stopping if product values ​​do not decrease as well.

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Thinking how best to deal with this situation, the Federal Government, together with the Ministry of Economy, agreed to establish trucker bagBy paying a monthly amount of 400 Brazilian riyals. The money will be transferred to the drivers so that they can afford the expenses diesel oil In the face of constant increases.

The impact of this measure on the public treasury may reach 1.5 billion Brazilian riyals. The decision to create the interest gained traction after Petrobras’ president, Jose Mauro Ferreira Coelho, announced a possible diesel shortage in the country from the second half of 2022.

On the implementation of the proposal, no new information has been released. Recently, the government has invested its measures in reducing ICMS on fuelIts application is limited to 17%, in addition to finding mechanisms for zero federal taxes on diesel.