July 20, 2024

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Find out how to apply for new vacancies

Find out how to apply for new vacancies

the group Santander It has been operating in Brazil since 1982, and today there is a bank branch in all regions of Brazil. The enterprise consists of large structures, such as a commercial bank, which brings together all retail activities.

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The Corporation is currently the largest private bank in the world Brazil. Provides services to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses as well as wholesale, aiming for operations in capital and large markets comp.

And now you can join this team, Santander has opened effective new vacancies for 2022. See below the new vacancies, how to apply as well as the benefits the bank offers.

Benefits offered by Banco Santander

Like most organizations, Santander also offers several benefits to its employees, which you will be able to access if you join the Santander team. Check out some of them:

  • food vouchers
  • meal ticket;
  • Transportation vouchers
  • average help
  • Dental Care;
  • private pensions;
  • profit sharing;
  • life insurance;
  • Childcare/babysitting assistance.
  • Variable renumbering
  • Scholarship;
  • gimbas/total pass;
  • maternity leave ;
  • paternity leave.

Check out the vacancies that are available now.

The offered vacancies are dedicated to the technology field, which is increasing every day due to competition from other banks. Check out some of the available job vacancies.

  • Anl Metodol Riscos I (Unlocked) – São Paulo / SP
  • Anl Tec and Senior Operations – São Paulo / SP
  • Anl Metodol Riscos III – São Paulo / Sep;
  • Anl Technology and Operations – São Paulo / SP;
  • Anl Tec and Senior Operations (listed markets and foreign markets) – São Paulo / SP;
  • Senior Technology and Operations Anl (PMO) – São Paulo / SP;
  • Anl Technology and Operations (Derivatives) – São Paulo/SP;
  • Anl Technology and Operations (Project Financial Management – Service Now) – São Paulo / SP
  • Anl Technology and Full Operations (Investment Funds) – São Paulo/SP;
  • Full Data Engineer – São Paulo/SP;
  • JR Systems Auditor – São Paulo-SP;
  • Credit Risk Advisor – São Paulo / SP;
  • Data and Analytics (Governance and Data Audit) – São Paulo / SP;
  • Technology and Operations Specialist – São Paulo / SP;
  • Data Quality Specification – São Paulo / SP;
  • Talent Bank Business and Services Manager I | PCD – Itatiba / SP.
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How to apply?

To apply for vacancies, you need to access the Santander page and register for your desired vacancy. The institution did not disclose the value of the salaries of the offered jobs. This information will be given at the time of the call for the interview, which can be online or in person, depending on the preference of the bank.