June 16, 2024

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Find out how to make money with your credit card

If you were born before the nineties, in addition to living towards the end of the century, you are also paying or have already paid Card annual installments. By the way, back then, having a card was synonymous with wealth, right? The function of this device was only purchasing and the ability to distribute purchases. However, on a large scale in much of society, a credit card can be a tool for earning.

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In the past (not so long ago), about 10 years ago, it was common to pay more than R$200 per year for a card. However, nowadays, in addition to not paying the fees, customers are still entitled to a refund. Yes, it would be like getting paid for using credit. Of course the refund is only and barely close to the amount spent, but it is still an advantage.

Advantages of getting a credit card

In addition to purchasing the products you want, a percentage of the value is returned to the consumer. If you use the service frequently, the savings will be quite significant over the months.

In addition to cashback, finance companies already have payment systems of approx. They also have integration with digital wallets and apps. All this without neglecting the traditional benefits, such as accumulating points to redeem them for flights and products.

Mileage points are a very practical example of the earnings a balance can bring. Through them, it is possible to get discount tickets, for example. According to some financial analysts, paying for credit expenses and then using the salary to cover the bill is interesting. But it must be done as long as there is sufficient security and stability to do so.

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It is recommended to analyze the options available in the market. The goal is to obtain the greatest benefits within your financial planning. Study the current products and choose the one that best fits your reality.

Learn how to “make money” with the card:

1 – cashback

This option was previously explained above. Try to make purchases at card operator partners. Thus, it is possible to use the available cash in various purchases.

2 miles

Did you know that more than getting discounts on tickets, it is possible to negotiate your mileage points? Well, you can even sell it for more than you paid.

3 – Loyalty

Learn about loyalty clubs for your card. They offer good opportunities for discounts and perks.