July 19, 2024

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Workers who did not receive the PIS / Pasep allowance can now appeal

Workers who did not receive the PIS / Pasep allowance can now appeal

The Department of Labor and Welfare announced that it started receiving administrative appeals last Thursday (7) from workers who were not approved to receive PIS/Pasep Salary Bonus in 2022.

Thus, if you are entitled to benefits, you can appeal the non-payment to the regional labor departments of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. According to the federal government, the analysis takes about 45 days.

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The transfer of salary allowance for the base year 2020 began in February. In all, more than 23 million workers have been qualified and can withdraw the funds until December 29.

In March, more than 1.6 million workers were included in the PIS/Pasep salary premium payment, while data reprocessing was requested, as many remittances were excluded. Thus, about 1.9 million people were reconsidered for the benefit.

It is worth noting that to check the eligibility of PIS / Pasep beneficiaries, the company’s systems took into account the standards of new legislation and the guidelines of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTP).

How to Request an Administrative Appeal PIS / Pasep

If you are employed or have worked on an official contract and are entitled to the 2020 base salary allowance, you can submit an appeal through the email address [email protected]. Remember that instead of the letters “uf” it is necessary to replace the abbreviation of the state in which you live. For example: work.rj @Economie.gov.br.

However, the Department of Labor advises workers to check all access channels before submitting an appeal to confirm receipt of PIS/Pasep payments.

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