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Find out the main reasons for getting a Caixa Tem NEGADO loan

Find out the main reasons for getting a Caixa Tem NEGADO loan

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The cashier economic Recently opened new lines of loan In Caixa Team. The Digital SIM card (The Digital Microcredit Streamlining Program for Entrepreneurs) is a program that really works.

The objective of the financial institution is to provide this micro-credit to the self-employed and MEIs (Individual small entrepreneurs) values ​​between One thousand Brazilian riyals and three thousand Brazilian riyals.

However, some people complain that most of their requests loan In Caixa is rejected. For this reason, it is important to check the reasons that usually lead to bank rejection.

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My loan in Caixa Tem was declined, why?

There are some common reasons for your bank loan being rejected, check below:

  • Persons with debts greater than 3 thousand Brazilian reals;
  • a user who does not meet the requirements for a digital SIM card;
  • Registry data with errors or outdated.

It is worth noting that before applying for credityou can do areal update In order to increase the chances of getting the loan from Caixa Tem.

How to update your data in Caixa Tem?

First, understand that the space update is free and can be done quickly and using only your cell phone. It is essential that you are online and have an identity document, such as a CNH or RG, on hand.

Check the update step by step:

  1. First, open the Caixa Tem app and log in with your CPF and password;
  2. Enter the menu and click on the “Update your registration” option;
  3. Click “I see, let’s get started”;
  4. Next, confirm your location data;
  5. The app will display the registered address for you to check if it is the same as the current location;
  6. If everything is in order, click “Yes, that’s right”;
  7. If you have moved or noticed an error in the address, click “My address has changed” and fill in the address correctly;
  8. Then enter the country in which you were born and click “Next”;
  9. Then, click “I get it, let’s go”;
  10. Answer all questions related to income and wealth;
  11. inform the sources of income, the amount received and the duration of its receipt;
  12. Report your occupation and origins and click Next to continue;
  13. Carefully check the information provided and click “Confirm”;
  14. Finally, use your identification document to continue the process, following all the instructions.

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Photo: Brenda Rocha – Blossom /