May 20, 2024

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Learn how to borrow up to 1000 BRL in the form of a loan through the application

Learn how to borrow up to 1000 BRL in the form of a loan through the application

The new way of loan It was launched on March 28 by Caixa Econômica Federal, by cashier You haveentered into force. More than 900,000 contracts have already been entered into through the Digital Microcredit Program for Entrepreneurs (SIM Digital).

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Individuals who want to get started undertake Amounts from R$300 to R$1,000 can be contracted through the method, with interest rates of R$1.95 per month.

For those who work as Individual Micro-Entrepreneurs (MEI), i.e. legal entities, they may contract amounts ranging from R$1,000 to R$3,000, with an interest of 1.99% per month.

Can passive people apply for the loan?

The installment period in both councils is a maximum of 24 months. Moreover, under the conditions specified in Order No. 660. Even those with a bad name (with a negative name) in credit protection agencies, such as SPC and Serasa, for example, can also apply for credit.

It is worth noting that to gain access to resources for individuals, you should be interested in becoming an independent entrepreneur, even if it is informal. In case MEIYou must have been active for at least 12 months to apply for loan.

What are the procedures for applying for a loan?

The method of application varies according to each group of applicants. research:

In the cases of entrepreneurs – individuals

For individuals, the loan It can be ordered through the Caixa Tem app, to make this request, the app must be updated to the latest version.

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The contractor also needs to update the registration in the app, which you do through the “Update Registration” option. This process requires sending documents, such as a photo ID, a personal photo, and proof of address and income.

After performing the update, you can go to the option to start the process petition of the loan. It may take up to a week for the request to be analyzed.

In the case of individual micro-entrepreneur – MEI (with CNPJ)

In case MEIs, at the beginning of the campaign, recruitment must take place exclusively at Caixa Econômica Federal branches. It is necessary for the applicant to provide proof of address and personal documents of the company while submitting the application. What are they:

  • Certificate of Individual Small Entrepreneur Status (CCMEI);
  • DASN SIMEI for the last closed fiscal year;
  • Delivery receipt. This is the MEI billing document, which proves that you have submitted the annual declaration by May 31 of each year.