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Fluminense announces Fabio's appointment: "It is an honor to be a part of the history of great goalkeepers" |  fluminence

Fluminense announces Fabio’s appointment: “It is an honor to be a part of the history of great goalkeepers” | fluminence

– I just want to thank you for the opportunity to wear a shirt Fluminense, is very satisfying. The expectations are huge for the team that has been formed, for the layout that has been going on since last year, with the vacant seat being taken in the pre-Libertadores. The fan certainly expects a lot from this season and I am ready to help in any way possible and make 2022 a year full of joy for the tricolor fans. He said we can celebrate achievements a lot Fabio To .’s website Fluminense.

Official Fábio announcement by Fluminense – Photo: Mailson Santana/FFC

Fabio He has a long experience in the Libertadores, playing eight versions of the tournament for Cruzeiro, reaching the final of the competition in 2009. The goalkeeper also has a successful approach, with two Brazilian players (2013 and 2014), and three Copa do Brasil (2000, 2017 and 2018) , in addition to seven championships in Minas Gerais (2006, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2014, 2018 and 2019).

– It’s a gift to be able to wear a T-shirt Fluminense In the Libertadores, a competition I played several times and had the opportunity to play in the final. It is a pleasure. We have to go step by step, so that we focus on the pre-Libertadores, and get to our place in the group stage. Regardless of the opponents, the Fluminense He worked to achieve this goal. Then in the group stage, yes, when looking for this game of growth, the competition demands it. The teams that succeed are those that show growth during the competition for the title, which is a goal Fluminense.

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Does anyone come out? Understand why Fluminense hired goalkeeper Fabio

Fabio It landed Wednesday afternoon at Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro. He has already arrived with many requests for photos from fans and surrounded by the press. In his first words as a tricolor, he explained that it was a very quick hit and that he had not yet spoken to América-MG:

– I was still about to talk to América-MG. God has always directed my life, and God opened that door there last night in a natural way. I just came here instructed that this is where I can help Fluminense My teammates and I are having a great season in 2022. Thank you for this great opportunity, to put on the tricolor jersey and I hope everything goes well with the exams to be able to help. If you need me, I will always be available. Alhamdulillah health 100%

Remember Fabio's path on Cruzeiro

Remember Fabio’s path on Cruzeiro

from the airport, Fabio He went directly to a clinic in the southern region of Rio de Janeiro, where he underwent medical examinations. Negotiations were mediated by Francis Melo, the same businessman who looks after the career of striker Fred, his former colleague in Cruzeiro goalkeeper. He will also meet with coach Abel Braga, who worked with him at Raposa in 2019.

Fabio arrives in Rio to sign Fluminense – Photo: Paula Carvalho

Will you be the owner?  Fábio arrived at Fluminense with the support of Fred

Will you be the owner? Fábio arrived at Fluminense with the support of Fred

for the purpose, Fabio He will face competition from Morel and Marcos Felipe, who finished 2021 as the pole position holder. In addition to the goalkeeper, the Fluminense It hired seven other reinforcements: Felipe Melo, David Duarte, Willian Begood, Cristiano, Pineda, Nathan and German Cano, as well as coach Abel Braga.

Incredible titles and defenses marked Fabio's path at Cruzeiro

Incredible titles and defenses marked Fabio’s path at Cruzeiro

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