March 4, 2024

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Fluminense fans fight safely as the team arrives at Rio airport |  fluminence

Fluminense fans fight safely as the team arrives at Rio airport | fluminence

About 15 fans were present at the airport to collect players, coach Abel Braga and club management – by the way, President Mario Bettencourt was the main target of the protests. A public quarrel broke out between fans and security at the club and the airport, as the delegation headed to the bus.

Fans quarrel with security guards before the arrival of Fluminense – Photo: Ronald Lincoln

Fans even invaded some restricted areas of the airport in an attempt to get closer to the players. In the pictures, you can see a file A moment of confusion that ended in aggression. One of the team leaders, midfielder Felipe Melo, stopped to speak to the fans and try to calm the situation. The same thing did coach Abel Braga.

Confusion upon landing of Fluminense. Photo: Ronald Lincoln

The flight arrived in Rio de Janeiro around 5:25 am. Before disembarking, the fans had already discussed with some security guards, who tried to avoid blocking the entrance to the bus that was waiting for the delegation. The confusion began when fans began invading the airport lobby in an attempt to get close to the players and the board.

Fans safely discuss before Fluminense arrives – Photo: Ronald Lincoln

Fans charge Abel Braga upon arrival – Photo: Ronald Lincoln

Abel Braga talks to fans upon arrival – Photo: Ronald Lincoln

a Fluminense He returns to the field next Monday, in the first leg of the semi-finals of the Carioca Championship, against Botafogo. The match takes place at 20:00 (Brasilia time), at Nelton Santos Stadium, and Tricolor has the advantage of qualifying with a tie in the semi-final aggregate as it had the best season in the Guanabara Cup.

In addition to the state championship, Abel Braga still has three more competitions to play in 2022: the Brazilian Championship, the Copa do Brasil and the Copa Sudamericana. After the influenza was eliminated in the last stage of the Pré-Libertadores, influenza entered the group stage from the Sula.

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