October 1, 2023

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Renata Mesquita/Estadão

Virada Cultural returns to the streets of SP with a party, registration of fishing vessels and theft of mobile phones – São Paulo

After a smooth start to programming in the format cultural shifta group promoted a series of fishing vessels During the singer’s concert Margaret Menezes On the Viaduto do Chá Theatre, around 9 pm. More than 20 men Lined up in the crowd, they jumped and robbed whoever was watching the show. The audience took time to understand what was happening, as the criminals passed very quickly. At first it seemed like it was just a group of guys enjoying the show. Three suspects were arrested.

Thiago Rodriguez dos Santos, 25, had just arrived at Virada Cultural when his cell phone was pulled from his hand while filming the singer’s performance. He stated that he only felt a boost when he realized his device had already been stolen.

Later, around 10:30 pm, fishing ships captured the Verada River in the center, causing this Accelerates among the audience. The situation got to the point where the members of the team responsible for the bar of the event raised empty glass bottles to defend themselves. The control gates at the entrance hall were closed for a short time. a stadium I recorded a moment of confusion. Watch next.

The Metropolitan Civil Guard (GCM) Distracted and distant from the audience on stage and sides which made it difficult to respond. after what happened Military police Arrested Three suspects From getting involved in a fishing vessel. Young people were identified by two witnesses as participants in the group.

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According to the prime minister, they will be transferred to police station No. 77. “So far, we have only heard about a fishing vessel,” Sergeant Seraphim, in charge of the press department of the company, told.

Police searches and caution using mobile phones

At about 5:30 p.m., the audience began to slowly and without large clumps gather in front of the Viaduto do Chá Theater to wait for the opening performance dedicated to the singer. Victor Kelly.

The fights during the show were recorded by funk singer Kevinio, on the Viaduto do Chá theater, in the city center.

Sellers offer cell phone bags, “against stealing”, according to them, for 25 Brazilian reals. Many people walked around holding bags in front of their bodies. There was a certain tensionwhere people look at each other and try to make a little use of their phones.

It was an unprecedented action Police Magazine On all roads leading to the valley. The GCM sergeant, who preferred to remain anonymous, spoke privately to stadium. He explained that the inspection was to prevent people from entering armed with glass bottles. Because of the barricades, street vendors were unable to reach the vicinity of the platform.

Also according to the sergeant, cell phone thieves were infiltrating the public and could act at any time. The reporter was asked to warn people to only use their devices near police cars. “In the last verada, we arrested a boy with 23 stolen items.” The Metropolitan Civil Guard had 50 men on site, who worked with the Military Police.

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Tonight’s announcer, poet and MC Mel Duarte, took to the podium at 18:15 to announce Vitor Kley. She used inclusive language, saying “Goodnight everyone” and asking “Are you ready?” He said the city council opened the post-pandemic cultural calendar with Verada and asked people to wear masks on buses. There, no one used it.

Vitor Kelly arrived at 18:20 ready to do what he promised, a successful show. Read here about the performance of the music.