May 25, 2024

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Free Market Partner and Americanas expose 1.75 billion exposed data |  comp

Free Market Partner and Americanas expose 1.75 billion exposed data | comp

Active on many platforms for major retailers, market integrator Harry Express 1.75 billion data (610 GB) was exposed, according to a report by SafetyDetectives, a group of researchers that investigates internet leaks.

HariExpress in Brazil provides services to sellers (sellers) who advertise products on platforms such as Louisa StoresAnd free marketAnd ShopeeAnd Amazon And that group American (Americanas.comAnd shop timeAnd Submarine NS Sub!). In addition, among the partners of HariExpress are also Post offices.

The integrated platform collects all the information and accounts of a small seller in the most different sales channels. For example, stock photos are placed on this platform and distributed to seller profiles in each market, and if a product is sold, this information is updated across all accounts.

according to Report, the leak revealed order data from customers who bought online, such as name, email address, delivery address and phone number. Vendors’ data has also been disclosed.

Although the data was exposed, it cannot be said that the data was captured by hackers.

sought, the company informed Values Who has been “finding facts” with the IT (information technology) sector, “to understand the scale of what has happened”. “We are committed to clarifying the facts and correcting the flaws revealed.”

NS free market It reported that “committed to the security and protection of its users’ data, it has already requested Hariexpress for clarification regarding any incident and its implications.”

NS Louisa Stores It stated that it “relied on HariExpress as one of its integrators for ten months. During that period, HariExpress only added 30 sellers to the company’s platform and recorded 12 sales.” “So far, Magalu has not recorded any data leaks and is constantly monitoring the security of its information.”

Correios was also contacted for the article, but he did not respond until this memo was published.