May 25, 2024

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Fiat Pulse Impetus [divulgação]

From Mobi and Pulse to Toro

And therefore how hyundaiFiat passed the entire IPI discount on to consumers. Thus, your entire line of cars is now even cheaper: from Mobi and Argo, through Toro, Pulse, Cronos, Strada, Fiorino and even 500.

Despite the R$827 reduction in its price, Fiat Mobi could not survive Less than 60 thousand Brazilian riyals, as is the case with KOID. The price starts at R$61,163 in the Like version and goes to BRL 63.089 on flights, which has dropped in price by R$901. The price of Fiorino has decreased from R$ 103,000 to R$ 100,869 at a discount of R$ 2,131.

The Argo was 1,013 BRL cheaper in the unnamed entry version, which now costs R$70,477. On drive 1.0 worth R$75335, the discount was R$1155. In the S-Design with the 1.3 engine, Fiat lowered the price by R$1,746, to R$78,844. Finally, the Argo Trekking now costs R$79,903 and is R$2,087 cheaper than before.

Fiat Argo S Design [Auto+ / João Brigato]

Her sister Sedan Kronos now has only two copies. 1.3 Unnamed for R$80,325 (Cheapest R$2,165) and 1.3 Engine for R$85,649 (2,341 off). On the Pulse, Fiat lowered the entry price by C$1,934 and now costs R$86,056 in manual drive, while the same version with CVT gearbox and 1.3-liter engine has dropped by R$2,186 and now costs R$94,804.

With the turbo engine, the Pulse starts at R$103,446 after deducting R$1,544 on the Drive version. Audace and Impetus were reduced by R$1,521 and R$1,805, respectively, at a cost of R$110,969 and R$121,605. For Tram 500, the discount was a generous R$3,315, at a cost of R$252,675.

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Fiat Strada Vulcano CVT [Auto+ / João Brigato]
Fiat Strada Vulcano CVT [Auto+ / João Brigato]

On the Commercial Line, the Strada Endurance Single Cab now costs R$1,692 less than before, starting at R$89,298. With the double cabin, the same version now costs R$97,042 with a reduction of R$1,948. For the Freedom single cabin, the Fiat is now asking 95,089 (down 1,901) and for the double cab, it’s 100,939 (2051 off).

The Manual Strada Volcano now starts at R$103,634 while the Volcano CVT R costs $109,501. The discount, respectively, was R$2356 and R$2489. Finally, Strada Ranch now costs R$114,514 and is cheaper at R$2,476. Fiat’s most expensive national model, the Toro now starts at R$135,019 in the Endurance Flex Edition, and is R$2,971 cheaper.

Fiat Toro volcano [Auto+ / João Brigato]

The Freedom Flex now costs R$ 146,005, at a discount of R$ 3,185, while the Volcano flex starts at R$ 159,764 on a discount of R$ 3,185. In the diesel range, the Toro Endurance starts at R$ 168,884 with a decrease of R$ 3606 in its price. Volcanic diesel is R$193,648 at R$4142 less than before.

With Fiat’s biggest discount of R$4,496, the Toro Ranch now costs R$200,894. Finally, the Toro Ultra, Fiat’s most expensive car produced in Brazil, costs R$207,390 and the affordable R$4,378 more than it did before the IPI cut.

Fiat 500 E [Auto+ / João Brigato]

Mobi: Prices and versions

Such as – 60,163 Brazilian Real
Trips – 63,089 BRL

please: Prices and versions

1.0 – 70477 BRL
Engine 1.0 – 75335 BRL
S Design 1.3 – 78844 BRL
Trips 1.3 – 79,903 BRL

Kronos: Prices and versions

1.3 – 80,325 BRL
1.3 Engine – R$85,649

to throb: Prices and versions

Engine 1.3 – 86.056 BRL
1.3 CVT Engine – BRL 94804
CVT turbo engine – 103.446 BRL
Audace turbo CVT engine – 110.969 BRL
Impetus turbo CVT – R$121605

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Strada: Prices and versions

Single endurance cabin – R$89,298
Double Endurance Cabin – R$97,042
Freedom Single Cabin – R$95,089
Freedom Double Cabin – 100939 BRL
Double volcano cabin – 103.634 BRL
Volcano CVT double cab – BRL 109501
CVT double cabin farm – 114.514 BRL

bull: Prices and versions

Endurance Flexibility – 135,019 BRL
Freedom Flex – 146.005 BRL
Volcano Flex – 159,764 Brazilian Real
Diesel bearing – 168,884 BRL
Liberty Diesel – 179,844 BRL
Diesel volcano – 193,648 Brazilian real
Diesel farm – 200894 BRL
Ultra Diesel – 203012 Brazilian Real

500: Prices and versions

Icon – 252.675 Brazilian Real

Fiorino: Prices and versions

Stamina – R$100,869

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