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Full HD screen: see seven buying options in Brazil |  Which one to buy?

Full HD screen: see seven buying options in Brazil | Which one to buy?

Full HD screens can be an interesting option for those looking for a good display of images. besides Precision 1920 x 1080 pixels, some devices have additional features that improve the screen experience, such as Refresh rates Up to 144Hz, color and brightness enhancement technologies. Companies like LGAnd DelAnd PhilipsAnd left NS Samsung Display models With prices starting from 873 BRL, as with the Philips 221V8A.

LG 24MK430H is a 24 inch panel that has IPS technology that can be purchased For about 990 BRL. Another option is AOC Speed ​​24G2HE5, Q-Team response time It’s 1ms and can be perfect for gaming For values ​​from 1,029 Brazilian riyals. Check the list that a file contains TechAll Equipped with seven Full HD screen options for purchase in Brazil in 2021.

Full HD screen: Companies like LG, Samsung, Philips, Acer and Dell offer models with prices starting at R$873 – Photo: Pedro Vital / TechTudo

LG ultrawide screen: where to buy? Reply to TechTudo Forum

Phillips offers the 221V8A monitor as a Full HD option. It has a 21.5 inch aspect ratio and 16:9 aspect ratio for displaying images on the screen LED VA. The design features slim bezels as well as an improved viewing angle, aiming to provide an immersive experience. In addition to the small frame, the structure also retains the doorways. HDMI port NS VGA To communicate with other devices. It is possible to find the cheapest equipment in the list For about 873 BRL.

Blue Light Reduction and Reading modes help provide a more comfortable exposure for the eyes when touching the screen, while Adaptive Sync and Smart Image tools promise to improve image quality.

Philips V8A features a VA LED display, HDMI and VGA inputs – Photo: Press / Philips

The product data sheet includes an anti-glare display, HDMI and VGA inputs, as well as an estimated response time of 12 seconds. The display technology is VA, which is the same used on some Samsung models.

Dell SE2216H features a 22-inch 60Hz refresh rate and 16:9 aspect ratio – Photo: Press Release/Dell

The LG 24MK430H has a 24 inch Full HD image display. The type of technology used on the board is IPS, which is a different type of LCD screen with more accurate colors and an improved viewing angle. The structure of the monitor is inclined, which allows it to be adjusted according to the user’s request, but also allows for installation on the wall if necessary. the device Sold as close to R$990 on Amazon.

The monitor offers On-Screen Control, which organizes multiple monitors within the monitor, allowing up to 14 different modes to be assigned to them. A tool that can think of a player’s audience is AMD Radeon FreeSync, which works when HDMI is connected to eliminate clipping and duplication of images.

LG 24MK430H Features to Improve Your Gaming Experience – Photo: Press Release / LG

Another Full HD option from LG is the 25UM58G screen. This time around, the dimension is a bit larger, 25 inches and an aspect ratio of 21:9, but it uses an IPS panel just like the other model. A product with an HDMI input and headphones also offers a power saving feature, which reduces screen glare at times. Form found With numbers from 1,015 Brazilian Real.

LG 25UM58G has an aspect ratio of 21:9 – Photo: Disclosure / LG

The AOC Speed ​​24G2HE5 features a 24-inch IPS panel and slim bezels. The screen has a refresh rate of 75Hz, which is higher than the 60Hz seen on most other models. This setting can smooth the transition of images and prevent blurring during playback. The 1ms response time also comes as a feature that can help during games, for example. Sample It is marketed for about 1,029 Brazilian Real.

Aiming at the gamer’s audience, the manufacturer aims to emphasize the presence of Adaptive Sync, which reduces clipping and image redundancy by synchronizing graphic frames and display refresh rate. In addition to this tool, the crosshairs mode is also able to aid accuracy in games by entering the red cross placed in the center of the screen.

AOC Speed ​​Monitor combines a good amount of features with a good size – Image: Disclosure / AOC

Samsung offers the LC24F390FHLMZD as a Full HD option, a 24-inch curved monitor and inputs for HDMI, headphones, and D-sub. Despite the bend, the panel can be fixed to the wall if necessary. In terms of features, the device is equipped with Eco Saving, which works on the basis of perceiving the brightness of dark colors on the screen, in order to reduce the brightness to consume less power. looking at him For values ​​starting from 1,073 BRL.

One of the most notable features of the curved screen is the improvement in the user’s field of view, which allows for better perception of space and depth. In addition to preventing any peripheral aberrations, this technology also tends to reduce the fatigue that is observed when exposed to a flat screen. The display features a VA panel with backlight blocking, which tends to be more efficient than IPS technology. There is also AMD FreeSync technology, a feature responsible for synchronizing the screen refresh rate with the image frame rate, as well as a sleep mode, which reduces blue light emission.

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Samsung LC24F390FHLMZD features slim bezels and a curved screen – Photo: Press release/Samsung

The Acer Nitro XZ242Q is another option for those looking for curved Full HD displays. The screen size is 23.6 inches and the refresh rate stands out among the other models, providing 144Hz. These specifications can satisfy those who are looking to reproduce photos and videos without the effect of “ghosting” on the screen, especially when it comes to games and movies. interested consumers You must pay 1699 R$ to purchase the product.

Thanks to its small bezels, the Nitro XZ242Q can be wall-mounted or propped up on surfaces. Acer estimates the panel’s response time at 4 seconds, which, because it is curved, can reduce eye fatigue even after long periods of exposure. The shape of the product tends to provide an immersive experience free from peripheral distractions. Technologies used in the panel refer to reducing blur and blue light emission, synchronizing the screen frame, and modifying the image to improve its display in terms of color and brightness.

The Acer Nitro XZ242Q offers a 23.6-inch, 144Hz panel – Photo: Publicity/Acer

With information from LG (1/2), SamsungAnd AOCAnd leftAnd Philips NS Del

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