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'Game of Thrones' Actress Leaves R$28,000 Inheritance for Manicure She Refuses |  Famous

‘Game of Thrones’ Actress Leaves R$28,000 Inheritance for Manicure She Refuses | Famous

Diana Reg Cuomo Olena Tyrell em Game of ThronesDisclosure / HBO

Posted on 03/11/2021 08:46 AM

RIO – Actress Diana Rigg, who played Game of Thrones’ Lady Olina Terrell who died aged 82 in 2020, left a $28,000 inheritance to manicurist Jessica Cho with the Daily Mail, the professional did not accept the money He preferred to donate it to the grandson of the actress.

Jessica has been Diana Rigg’s manicurist since 2001 and told the newspaper she had developed a “very special” relationship with the actress and was quite surprised to mention it in her will. The manicurist said, “I spoke to Diana’s daughter and explained that the money should go to her grandson, because I did what I did for love. We had a very special relationship.”

The professional also stated that the actress was “very gracious and humble”. “She was happy with the simple things in life, like a cup of coffee. She treated all the girls in the salon like family and was very wise, always giving great life advice.”

Diana Rigg passed away in September 2020, leaving a fortune estimated at around 16 million Brazilian riyals. Most of the money went to her daughter, Rachel Stirling, and a small portion to charity, plus a small amount to friends and other family members.

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