June 20, 2024

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Versca Donato quits Globo after 21 years: 'tired'

Versca Donato quits Globo after 21 years: ‘tired’

Veruska Donato, one of Globo’s main correspondents in São Paulo, has joined List of victims of the press at the station. After 21 years at home, she quit. He has returned to Campo Grande (MS), his hometown and where he started his career, but has not secured a settlement with any company. Frustrated by the lack of opportunity at Globo, 49-year-old Veruska has struggled to cover the coronavirus pandemic and fall ill.

“I still don’t know what to do. In fact, I was tired and sick, depressed and anxious, due to the pandemic coverage and Hunger in the country. In this case, I could not see prospects for improvement. So I spoke to my boss and we understood the resignation. They were so kind to me,” he said exclusively the news.

Veruska has worked with all Globo TV news programmes, especially Jornal Hoje and Jornal Nacional. She did all kinds of reporting, but talking about jobs has always been her specialty – she made a table about it at Jornal Hoje.

Behind the scenes at the station, the journalist is said to have been unhappy that she presented a podcast project to help the unemployed. The idea was approved, but they handed it over to another professional to develop. When asked about the matter, Veruska does not speak. He says the reason for his departure from Globo was the consequences of the pandemic covering his health:

After providing great reports on Covid at the Jornal Nacional, I will go home alone, with no one commenting on the discoveries and achievements. And all this drew my attention to the life that was out here.”

On Wednesday (3), Veruska sent a farewell letter to the editorial staff. Check it out in full:

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“Hi guys! I’m a mixture of anxiety and longing, joy and sadness. In recent years, I’ve heard my dear friends advise ‘relax’, ‘let it go’, ‘it’s that way now’, ‘one day you get used to it or get sick.’

“I saw and heard and told stories of tragedies, children orphaned, parents who buried their children, I saw the helplessness and despair of those who were forced to fight the disease. We asked ourselves: When will the vaccine pass, but another disease, this ancient disease, shows its face in a cruel way, hunger. I did several Reports about how much he punished, how much he resisted. I discovered that, unlike hunger, I did not resist, I felt powerless from him.”

“A couple of months ago I posted a picture on Instagram and a tribute to Father Julio Lancelotti and the work he does in Cracolândia. I received dozens of insults and insults, some of which I erased. But the priest? Oh, no, Father Julio is a symbol of affection, he is pure love, this hatred moved me, Then I remembered the question from my friend Maria José Sarno, our dear Zizi: Where does your soul dwell? Where does your peace live?

I come home, come back to Campo Grande, the city where I was born, raised, graduated and left without saying goodbye, glad I could work in Brasilia. I return to conquer my mother, with whom I had many conflicts, and return to my dear friends of my childhood, to see my nephews grow up, and laugh with my cousins ​​at the games on our grandparents’ farm.”

“I come back to the dark capital, of trees, and trees, and rice with pico, and guaviera, and chicken with guaruba, where we eat barbecue and ribs, and back to the land that yields raw tomatoes, sweet mangoes, and guavas on, I come back to live history with an old love that I broke when I left in a hurry. It’s life that demands what’s precious. I had to choose.”

“I leave you and leave Globo, and for São Paulo, who welcomed me with so much love, I leave my most precious possession. Carolina [sua filha de 17 anos] It remains to study, and who knows how to give back to the world for all that it has given me because it is the best that I have. Huge kisses. #I went”