June 12, 2024

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Globo refused the demands, and Rafael Portugal dropped out of CAT BBB;  Learn more · TV news

Globo refused the demands, and Rafael Portugal dropped out of CAT BBB; Learn more · TV news

Rafael Portugal has not entered into an agreement with Globo and is outside CAT BBB. One month left before the premiere of the 22nd edition, the comedian, who spent two years in the position, will be replaced by Danny Calabresa on the hit reality show sitcom.

Download information in a file BBB22 Provided directly by the columnist Karla Bettencourt, from Metropolis. JB de Oliveira’s idea, Boninho, is to give more room for humor in the version that will be Marked by Tadeu Schmidt’s leadership appearance. Therefore, Paulo Vieira was also called in to strengthen the team and lead the board of directors O Brasil Tá Lascado, named after Gil do Vigor’s logo at BBB21.

In the presence of Rafael Portugal For the third year in a row at CAT BBB, that was taken for granted, but the broth spilled while negotiating the fee for the show’s next season.

According to the columnist Christina Badiglioni, from Folha de S.PauloVanelli, the businesswoman and wife of the humorist, made the artist’s demands to renew the contract, but Globo did not accept and decided to put Dani Calabresa in his place. Like Paulo Vieira, the comedian has a fixed contract with the broadcaster.

. sources the news Complete it among the comedian’s desires was to sign a longer contract with Globo, mainly due to the success of the painting in the last two editions.

On Saturday morning (18), Globo announced Dani Calabresa’s official entry to the CAT BBB with a press release.

Actress and comedian, Danny says she always follows releases of the show closely, as a regular: ‘I’m so excited to take CAT BBB because I’m already watching BBB and keep talking to my friends on the phone. Now I will do the same, but I will get a salary (laughs) ”, says an excerpt from the text published by the network.

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