June 21, 2024

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MC Mirella, Dynho and Stefane: Understanding all the controversy

MC Mirella, Dynho and Stefane: Understanding all the controversy

On Twitter, MC Mirella talked about all the controversy circulating on social media.

Photo: Instagram/ @mirella/ @dynhoalves/ @sthefanematos/ Celebrities & Celebrities

After following a series of foreplays between dancer Dynho Alves and her husband and influencer Sthe Matos, both of whom are restricted to A Fazenda 13, MC Mirella decides to file for divorce.

“Dynho made the choice to enter into a relationship in reality, whatever it may be, and even a ‘brotherhood’ as stated. But it is worth noting that in addition to the audience, there is a family, fans and me, Mirella herself,” funkeira wrote on Twitter.

According to funkeira, Dynho’s attitudes are reprehensible, because he committed them. “Therefore, after carefully analyzing the repeated disrespectful behavior, through a completely reprehensible attitude, I came to the conclusion that the decision to divorce, already underway, is the most correct and irreversible,” Merella said.

The singer also stated that she would not comment further on the matter and asked for the fans’ understanding. However, she will continue to pursue her appearance as the hero of reality. “I’m still rooting for Dynho right there on the farm and wish him the best of luck as always.”

Understand the controversy

Even before filing for divorce, Dynho and Sthe had already been criticized by their feuding colleagues, especially for the affection they shared and the closeness they shared. In one of the dynamics, for example, Rico said she disrespects her fiancé and “feasts on a man.” WL!

Annoyed, Dynho made it clear that he has an influence like a sister and that he wouldn’t change his attitudes, let alone care what the audience thinks. It should be noted that at that time he still claimed that he had a beautiful woman and that he did not need to date others.

“I respect women [Mirella] which I have at home. A wonderful, hot and rich woman. I’m not arrogant, you idiot for doing this with a mic on my chest and an array of cameras. ”

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