September 28, 2023

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Gracian loses the position of queen of the drum on social media: 'They took me away'

Gracian loses the position of queen of the drum on social media: ‘They took me away’

Gracian Barbossa I found out on Wednesday afternoon (3) that she was no longer the queen of drums at União da Ilha do Governador samba school, in Rio de Janeiro. Oddly enough, she found out through a post from the association on her Instagram, announcing the fitness muse’s departure after 3 years as a school queen.

“There were three years (18/19/20) at the head of our drums, as you shone intensely in our stadium, street rehearsals and at state rallies. Society embraced you with all affection for your education, attention and simplicity. Thanks for everything groficial! União da Ilha said in a statement.

In the comments, many followers questioned Gracyanne’s departure, and when asked “Why did you leak?”, the influencer herself replied: “Because they took me away,” Gracyanne wrote, then posted an emoji with financial notes.

Instagram will load in the front end.

To Who, Gracyanne said she hoped they would strike up a conversation with her, and that her job at the school was “sold”. I also learned that the gas station was sold, which I also understand. Since I have a great relationship with the school, I was expecting a conversation, but unfortunately the samba schools are not used to this communication on the way. I did not warn. And the decisions of the presidency .. patience.

The muse said that, despite everything, she does not hold a grudge against the school, and that she is grateful for the moments she spent at União da Ilha. “I’m not upset about the school, I’m grateful. On the island, we have created a unique union of love, loyalty and devotion. I am grateful to receive everyone so well! It is a family that will remain in my heart,” he said.

Later, the school announced on its Instagram that replacing Gracian as drumming queen, Juliana Souza, “creates” the school, according to the association.

“The community has always suggested on the school’s social networks a new drum queen who was a descendant of the island, right? Bruna Bruna was the last. Then! That day has arrived! It is with great satisfaction that União do Ilha do Governador announces that Juliana Souza is the new queen of the school. !

25 years ago, Juliana began to attend the assembly court, which was always taken by her father (one of the school’s great composers and carnival director for several carnivals). In addition, for many years it was presented as a prominent feature in allegories until it reached the rank of one of the school’s ideas. It was her turn to be queen for the 2022 Carnival.

Hello Juliana! May yours be always and full of joy! “

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