May 20, 2024

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Guedes expects inflation to start subsiding in 2022

Guedes expects inflation to start subsiding in 2022

Minister of Economy Paulo Geddes, he stated that inflation should start to decline from next year. According to the minister, the COVID-19 pandemic has created war economies around the world, causing inflation to reach the highest level in the past 30 years in countries such as the United States, China, Germany and Brazil.

“We imagine that inflation will start to decline next year, and Brazil will be able to achieve this transition from a war economy to an active market with private investment,” Guedes said.

The minister, who participated tonight in the program “Opinião no Ar” on RedeTV, said that the country is still fighting the epidemic, but “thank God” its effects are lagging. He also said that the president’s government Jair Bolsonaro (PL) managed to digitize nearly 68 million Brazilians – they got Band aid Protecting 11 million jobs.

“Brazil fell less than expected, came back faster, and is growing about 5% this year. Brazil got up, and we’re on our feet again.”

‘We are liberals but we are democrats’

About Auxílio Brasil, the new social program of the federal government that replaced the Bolsa Família, Guedes urged liberals not to be ashamed of utility.

“The economy is now active, the program [auxílio emergencial] It was so successful that instead of sticking with the Bolsa Família, which was lower, by about R$170 to R$180, the president more than doubled the program. “Brazil’s liberals should not be ashamed of Oxelio’s, because we are liberals, but we are democrats,” he said. “So, this minimum income [Auxílio Brasil] It is the prescribed medication by liberal democrats.”

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Federal government released today Auxílio Brasil pays Bolsa Família applicants with a Social Registration Number (NIS) at the end of 1. The average amount is R$400 per month. This value is for December and it is not yet known whether it will be maintained in 2022.


They did less than they would have liked, said the economy minister, “because you’re a democracy, you don’t do what you want.” He wondered why they couldn’t do something the president was elected to do.

“I wish I had privatized PetrobrasAnd Eletrobras, Mail. It is dramatic that an elected government, in alliance with liberals who want privatization, will not succeed. It initially comes against an injunction, then ends up in the Supreme Court, after getting permission from the TCU.”

“Well, it’s the will of the people, the president was elected on this platform. Why can’t we do something the president was elected to do? So we’re in this fight.”