September 29, 2023

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Home prices rise at a slower pace in May

Home prices rise at a slower pace in May

Realizing the dream of owning a home was 0.41% more expensive in May, according to data released Thursday (2) by FipeZap مؤشر indicatorwhich tracks the behavior of residential real estate sales in 50 major Brazilian cities.

The increase, lower than that recorded in April (+0.48%), is also lower than that estimated for the IPCA (broad consumer price index), official inflation, and IGP-M (National Price Index – Market)Rent inflation.

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The variance raises to 8,047 Brazilian Reals the average value per square meter available for sale. This means that for the keys to an ordinary apartment of 65 square meters and even two bedrooms, it is necessary to pay an average of just over 523 thousand Brazilian reais.

In the first five months of this year, the nominal increase in real estate was 6.21%, which is also lower than that calculated by the IPCA (+11.86%) and IGP-M (+10.72%) in the same period. In the year, FipeZap had a difference of 2.49%.

In May alone, 45 of the 50 cities monitored by the index showed an increase in residential sales prices. In 23 of them, capitals such as Curitiba (+1.71%), Goiania (+1.44%), João Pessoa (+1.44%) and Recife (+1.26%) had a rise above official inflation.

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