May 18, 2024

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Bradesco adopts a strategy to protect customers from fraud

Bradesco adopts a strategy to protect customers from fraud

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In the face of the increasing number of scams and fraud involving credit cards and other financial technology systems Banks They have innovated in security tools. a Bradesco He is one of them.

Through messages on WhatsApp, Bradesco’s virtual assistant, BIA, has begun warning customers about suspicious transactions in which a credit card has been used.

The goal is that the resource launched by the foundation ensures more security for those who have a bank credit card. With the use of WhatsApp, which is very popular and easily accessible, Bradesco believes that scams can be detected more quickly.

How Bradesco’s New Fraud Protection Strategy Works

Every time a suspicious transaction is made with a Bradesco credit card, the customer will be notified through an automated message from BIA on WhatsApp.

Through the messaging app, the registrant will be asked if they recognized the transaction. If he answers that he knows, the process is over. If the customer claims not to know the transaction, the card will be blocked immediately.

In addition, users can use facial recognition, biometrics, and voice recognition (through Fone Fácil) to access and conduct transactions through the bank app available for Android And the iOS.

Bradesco recommendations to clients

Bradesco recommends users to save the BIA number, which is a file +55 11 3335-0237. To check the credibility of the contact and ensure that it is a verified account, the customer should note that a green “checked” icon appears in the contact’s name and that the profile picture has the bank logo.

BIA can also be used for other services through WhatsApp, where balance, credit limit, dollar exchange rate and account transactions can be consulted, among other functions.

It’s worth noting that Bradesco customers have already received notifications via SMS and phone calls, but the messaging app has proven to be more efficient than these means.

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Photo: Brenda Rocha – Blossom /