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Honda Bros: why the motorcycle smashed sales and became a darling in the industry - 10/16/2021

Honda Bros: why the motorcycle smashed sales and became a darling in the industry – 10/16/2021

Honda Bros was born in 2003 as a version off road One of the best selling motorcycles in Brazil is the CG, also from Honda. ‘The idea was to create a ‘rustic CG’,’ revealed Alfredo Geddes, Honda’s engineer Motorcycles.

Rather than just doing a trail bike, as was the case for the old XL 125R, which used the same engine as the CG, but had a 21-inch front wheel and long-range suspension, an ideal configuration for off-road driving, Honda’s designers innovated Brazil.

To create the Bros, Honda used a recipe unheard of in low-displacement motorcycles. It adopted a 19-inch wheel up front, to improve its handling on dirt roads, but without leaving the seat too high, making the model more accessible to the Brazilian bio.

The Honda NXR 160 Bros was born with the proposal to be a “rural CG” and became the third best-selling motorcycle in Brazil.

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The idea was also to keep the CG comfortable, Guedes confirms. After all, the Bros will be used on long trips and for many hours on the bad roads of our Brazil, like its more urban sister.

For greater comfort than the versatile bikes, the model got a two-level seat, instead of a straight seat on the trails, and a curved handlebar, but wider than the CG. In this way, the driver takes an upright position, but the “low parts” fit nicely in the seat.

The recipe was a success, that is, it was a success that can be translated into numbers: more than 2.5 million units have been sold since launch until July 2021. two brothers Reached the 3rd best-selling motorcycle position in Brazil – in 2020, the model only lost to CG NS Biz, with more than 100,000 licensed units.

160 Brothers Seats - Disclosure - Disclosure

Bros uses 19 tires up front and 17 in the rear; Model urban corridor part opened in 2003

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The Honda model also opened up the urban trail segment, with a mix of trail versatility and the convenience of street bikes. Other brands like the Yamaha Crosser XTZ 150 followed this trend.

Bros 160 2022 shows the evolution of the urban track

Since its establishment in 2003, Bros. It was born with 125 cc and 150 cc engines, and since 2014, uses the same 160 cc flex engine that equips the CG. is yours the design Also update itself. Ditch the rounded lines of the early models, to embrace straight angles and more sophistication at the end of the 2022 model year.

Brothers 2022 - Disclosure - Disclosure

The 2022 model has a new aerodynamics and accordion to protect the front suspension reeds

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In addition to the fairing of the new beacon, with air intakes, the tank and its fins were redesigned. You are designers They also installed an accordion on the front suspension, an element that was already used by the owners of the model.

More than just a decoration, the accordion has a practical function. They protect the sticks from dust and extend the life of the seals, especially when used on unpaved roads. Thus enhancing the versatility of Bros 160.

It is not an adventure bike

Despite the new look, more off roadBros, it should be noted, is not a real trail, for challenging trails. However, the model has characteristics suitable for running on the ground and even in the sand.

Brothers 160 - Disclosure - Disclosure

On a track of nearly 60 kilometers on dirt and sand roads, Bros 160 shows why it’s so successful

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To evaluate the 2022 NXR 160 Bros, I traveled 60km along an off-road, mixing dirt roads and sandy beaches, between the cities of Ilha Comprida and Cananéia, on the southern coast of São Paulo state.

The track of about 60 kilometers, which is covered daily by bikers and drivers in the area, well mimics the type of use Bros. In this case, the urban path shows its qualities.

The MT 60 mixed tires ensure stability on uneven surfaces. While the long-stroke suspensions—180mm in the front and 150mm in the rear—and a 19-inch wheel at the front help overcome the punctures and unevenness created by rivers flowing into the sea.

Experimental position Brothers - press release - press release

Despite its off-road profession, Bros provides comfort for long trips

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The more open-arm riding position, which is provided by the wider handlebars, also allows for greater control of the bike in rough terrain. The wide seat ensures comfort even on long journeys.

To increase off-road safety, the Bros 160 has disc brakes on both wheels with CBS (brakes sum). The system is better than the CG 160 with drum brakes at the rear.

As a fan of track bikes, the last three bike style, I miss the 21-rim wheel, with a narrower tire that gives you more control over the ground and overcomes obstacles with greater ease. But Bros is not a “drastic” effect.

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With a longer suspension stroke than the CG, Honda Bros overcome obstacles and unevenness on the beach with greater safety

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For this function, Honda offers the XRE 300, which features a better performance engine and suspension with greater travel distance than the 160 cc urban track. But in addition to the higher price tag (R$21,790), the 300cc seat is 86cm off the ground, compared to 83.6cm in the case of the Bros.


The absolute leader in the urban track category, the Honda NXR 160 Bros It sells about five times as much as its main competitor, the Yamaha XTZ 150 Crosser, although its prices are very close.

The suggested price for Bros 160 2022 (excluding shipping and insurance) is 14,600 BRL. The Yamaha 150cc track starts at R$15,090, but offers ABS brakes on the front wheel. On the other hand, without a motor its performance is lower than that of the Bros.

Brothers 160 - Disclosure - Disclosure

The 2022 Honda NXR 160 Bros is sold in three color options; The suggested price is part of 14600 BRL

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However, next year, new competitors for the Honda small trail should emerge. Haojue Motos should start selling the NK 150 here, a model that uses the same recipe as the Bros. Proof that with so many unpaved roads throughout Brazil, the urban lane market has great potential.

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