June 3, 2023

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Nota Fiscal Paulista: People from other countries can also redeem old credits;  See how |  Sao Paulo

Nota Fiscal Paulista: People from other countries can also redeem old credits; See how | Sao Paulo

Also available to consumers from other states who participate in the Nota Fiscal Paulista Program until 23:59 this Saturday (16) for a refund of the old credit (See step by step below).

According to the Ministry of Finance of São Paulo, part of the consumers who have not yet made the refund are from outside the state. CPFs may have been automatically included in online purchases from São Paulo stores.

Credits will remain available for one year and can be used at any time during that period.

The change, which is actually just a shortening of the deadline, became official in law last year, and was created from a project authored by Governor João Doria (PSDB).

The text reduced the period available for refunds from five years to 12 months after the amount was released by the Finance Secretariat.

The minimum transfer amount to a bank account in the regular financial system is 0.99 BRL (Click here and understand the change)

About Paulista Invoice

The Nota Fiscal Paulista is a system in the state of São Paulo that creates credits for consumers who, at the time of billing, choose to enter a CPF. Thus, the program seeks to prevent companies from evading taxes. For the consumer, in addition to credits, tax invoices create tickets that are drawn on a monthly basis.

See the questions and answers:

1- Does the Nota Fiscal Paulista still exist?

Yes, Nota Fiscal Paulista was created by law in 2007 to encourage responsible consumption and bill generation through commerce, with sales following current legislation and tax collection.

The system is still in place and consumers can request that the CPF number be included on the invoices they issue at the time of purchase. For this, it is necessary to have a registration in the system through CPF, email and password (Click here to register or access billing in your registration).

The only change that will become effective on October 16 is the maximum value redemption period, which will limit the one-year period for a consumer to access the system and redeem credits received through invoices or through sweepstakes.

The consumer must wait for the seller to send the invoices to the Department of Finance, which calculates the ICMS that the companies will pay. In the month following payment, credits created in consumer accounts in the system will also be automatically calculated, resulting in a credit being created or not refunded.

The system also creates credit for the entities that collect invoices and make use of these credits.

Yes, for individuals there are 600 monthly withdrawals. Each month, one ticket worth 1 million Brazilian riyals is drawn between individuals and condominiums.

the lottery monthly Individuals and Residential Units:

  • One prize of R$1 million* (in December, this prize is R$2 million)
  • 4 prizes worth 500,000 Brazilian riyals
  • 10 prizes worth 100,000 Brazilian riyals
  • 15 prizes worth 50 thousand Brazilian riyals
  • 20 prizes worth 10,000 BRL
  • 50 prizes worth 5,000 BRL
  • 500 prizes worth 1000 Brazilian riyals

5- How do you participate in the lottery?

To participate in the lottery, the consumer who requests You must register Paulista Invoice on the program’s website and adherence to the regulations. Adhesions until the 25th of each month allow participation in the following month. When logging in with a password, it is possible to log into the Sweepstakes tab if you are already registered and accepted.

Once the process is completed, there is no need to repeat it – it is included in the next draws automatically, as tickets are generated each month based on the invoices issued. Every purchase of 100 BRL entitles you to an e-ticket for the competition.

Ticket numbers appear on your Nota Fiscal Paulista registration page.

6- How to get back and not lose old credits?

Access the website of the Ministry of Finance and Planning (click here) Or the official app of Nota Fiscal Paulista for a tablet or mobile phone.

Initial screen to access the São Paulo billing system, of the Ministry of Finance and Planning of the State – Photo: Reproduction

In the upper left corner, consumer data will be available, such as “CPF”, “User”, “Balance available for withdrawal” and “Last access”. In the center, a message about the change in the recovery period will appear. After reading the content, tap “Complete”.

Notice of change in deadline for cancellation of São Paulo invoice credits – Image: Reproduction

Select the period for which the Paulista invoices you wish to check, fill in the “I am not a robot” field and click “Inquiry”.

Periods available for user consultation – photo: clone

The date of Paulista invoices issued in the consumer’s CPF in the preset period will appear on the screen. click in Use of credits.

History of São Paulo invoices issued in the user’s CPF – Image: Reproduction

Choose the format in which you want to receive the payment or choose to use the amount in an IPVA settlement or deduction. Please note that October is the only time of the year Where consumers can Use your credits to settle or deduct IPVA.

Ways a User Can Get Credit for Paulista Invoice – Photo: Reproduction

Enter the required data for the amount to be refunded and click “Sure”.

Paulista Invoice Credit Deposit Data Form – Photo: Reproduction

Check the entered data, and if everything is in order, click “Make a change”. If there are any errors, click on Correct Data and go back to step 6.

Space to confirm data for deposit of NFP accreditation – Image: clone

The balance refund request has been completed, and the user will receive the amount in the indicated account Within 20 days.

advice: Note the “Process Control Number” that will be available in the message.

Notification that the recovery process is complete – image: clone

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