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How are purchases already made with a fintech card distributed?

How are purchases already made with a fintech card distributed?

Remember that after confirmation, payment in credit installments in cash at Nubank cannot be modified or canceled. paying off.

Fintech Nubank has a feature that allows customers Installment Purchases Credit card, i.e. you can pay for a purchase already made on the card bill. This process can be performed directly from the bank’s mobile application (Android and iOS).

The installment payment feature offered by Nubank is only possible in the cash and bill due method. In addition, the minimum amount for this method is 20 BRL, depending on the amount, it is possible to pay in installments. up to 12 times.

Important details: The chosen installment option cannot be modified or cancelled, only expect to pay the installments to get discounts. This option is interesting, since late payment is subject to interest at 6.99% per month.

How to split cash credit purchases in Nubank?

  • In the Nubank application, enter the “Credit Card” area and choose the purchase that you want to pay in installments;
  • Select this purchase and click on the “Parcelar Purchase” option, which appears in the lower left corner of the screen;
  • Check the current purchase amount and choose a new number of installments for payment using the “+” icon on the right (the purchase amount will change due to the occurrence of interest);
  • Before selecting the installment option, it is possible to check the best option through the Installment Comparison feature.
  • After determining the new amount of installments for the purchase, click “See summary” at the bottom of the screen;
  • Check everything and click Continue;
  • You will be directed to a screen with the terms and conditions of use of the resource, if you agree to the terms, click “Confirm payment in installments”;
  • To complete the procedure, enter your personal four-digit password on the next page.

Remember that after confirmation, Cannot edit or cancel Installment Credit with Cash at Nubank.

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