May 30, 2024

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An analyst who realized that cryptocurrency will surge 40% in September now points to 6 crypto buying activities in November

An analyst who realized that cryptocurrency will surge 40% in September now points to 6 crypto buying activities in November

After the Bitcoin ETF is approved and issued (BTC) Give ProShares Opening another portal for investors about Cryptocurrencybecome practical The consensus of the analysts is that the next price target for Bitcoin is $100,000.

To Ray Nasser, CEO of Arthur Mining The Bitcoin ETF operating on the New York Stock Exchange is giving way to better quality ETFs And that reaching the $100,000 mark will still be possible in 2021.

“Bitcoin has just overtaken the Swiss franc in terms of market capitalization. When it hits 69,000 yen, it will turn silver, and I think by the end of the year there is a possibility that BTC will reach 100,000 or more optimistically, 135,000 yen.”

This is the same opinion of Tasso Lago, a cryptocurrency specialist and founder of financial move. For him, the market is now heading towards $100,000.

“The most anticipated ETF in the market is Grayscale, which will turn $19 billion into ETFs. With this positive scenario and a favorable scenario for bitcoin, we will see the market head towards $100,000,” he notes.

Ethereum e Polkadot

However, to the extent that there is certainty about Bitcoin’s next moves, analysts disagree On any cryptocurrency will follow the rise of BTC and rise more than 100% towards new records.

to Ethereum Lake (ETH) is a strong candidate and has already shown that its value is strong and can keep pace with the rise of Bitcoin.

“Ethereum also followed the move, at the time at $4,129 and had its all-time high (based on daily chart closing) at $4,200. And to confirm the breakout, it will have a clear path and I believe it could reach the $6000 area and then $8000.

The analyst recalls that ETH went through EIP-1559 and London, whose updates are reducing the supply of the coin and not yet reflected in the price increase, so the fundamentals are strong.

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In addition, to him, another cryptocurrency with high potential is Polkadot (Point) because of its unique feature of Parachains.

“DOT that will pass through Parachain auctions and have its preferred chart towards the historical top breakout, which is in the $48 region. Overall, the cryptocurrency market is very bullish and very suitable for another positive wave,” he claims.

6 cryptocurrencies to buy

So, as Tasso, Altcoin Daily analyst and presenter Austin Arnold, Indicates that cryptocurrencies are linked to smart contracts They are the ones who have the greatest upside potential in this new cycle.

Arnold was right in August of this year when Published an analysis indicating the purchase of six cryptocurrencies for the month of September. Since then, its indexes have risen almost as much as bitcoin in that period.

While BTC is accumulating 54%, altcoins cited by the analyst are up 49% and none are in the red, with VET up 49%, Tezos 44% Ethereum 49%, corn 12% e There is 8%.

Now the analyst has published a new list with his nominations, which took Polygon at number one (Matic), which, he says, is gaining momentum after signing a partnership with DraftKings.

Arnold shares a statement from Draughtskings President of Global Products and Technology, Paul Lieberman, to explain How the company positions itself to grow alongside Polygon.

“While the DraftKings market is still in its infancy, we are optimistic that blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and more will present themselves as we prepare for Web 3.0 along with Polygon and new innovations for digital collectibles.”

Polkadot e Vechain

After Matic, Arnold highlights, such as Tasso Lago and Polkadot. To justify his appointment, he refers to a tweet DOT founder Gavin Wood, explaining that there are currently less than 19 million DOT tokens stored in the DOT’s vault to fund community projects.

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If none of the DOT is used, it burns out. Currently, the Polkadot treasure burns 239,988 tokens each month, according to Gavin Wood.

“Burning or using, DOT tokens are becoming increasingly rare. Recently we have seen a sharp rise in the price of DOT. This may be linked to some exciting developments in the future, such as the upcoming release of parachute and slot auctions – these parachine auctions will also take the DOT out of the market.”

With the first 11 parachine auctions arriving on Polkadot next month, along with 100 or more available slots to be filled, this could boost Polkadot’s presence in the cryptocurrency industry and could bolster the multichain ecosystem’s growing profile. “

The third coin Arnold is looking at is VeChain (VET) again. The trader notes that VeChain recently partnered with major logistics company DHL to issue corporate non-fungible tokens, NFT.

“In this collaboration with DHL China, one of the first things it will allow customers to experience is to customize the DHL mascot and then craft them as NFTs in the VeChainThor blockchain solution.”

Cardano, Link Ethereum

Next comes the Cardano Smart Contract Platform (ADA). Arnold notes that Cardano appears to be gaining traction after partnering with satellite broadcast provider DISH and announcing that the network had received $100 million in investments in Cardano-focused projects in Africa.

The analyst also refers to Chainlink (Link), noting that despite the token’s poor performance in recent months, he believes there is still a huge advantage for LINK in the market, as partnerships continue to grow month by month, with 84 integrations conducted in September alone.

“I understand, but in my opinion, Chainlink still has a lot of room for growth. Think about it: Chainlink already has a large number of great exclusive partnerships with major companies – Google and Oracle, to name a few – over 75 blockchains. Chainlink technology is already used by various different companies, and many data feeds, including the US dollar, use it. [dólar americano] currency pairs. This is a solid foundation.

Finally, the analyst is also excited about the leading smart contract platform, Ethereum, which he says is preparing for a huge 2022.

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He notes that Ethereum developers have announced that ETH plans to move to Ethereum 2.0 in May and June 2022, which will turn the blockchain into a Proof of Stake protocol.

“The code should be ready around February 2022. Integration with mainnet, for ETH 2.0, at least in June 2022. Next year will be known as the year of ETH. This is where DeFi is.” [finanças descentralizadas], where the NFTs are located.

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