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How to check if you are using your CPF

How to check if you are using your CPF

The number of online frauds and data leaks has been increasing in the country. According to an estimate by DFNDR Lab, a laboratory specializing in digital security at PSafe, in 2021 alone there were more than 150 million victims in Brazil. Knowing how to check if you are using your CPF has become a must nowadays.

These crimes target the user’s personal data, such as the CPF, which allows fraudsters to make purchases in installments, loans In your name and apply other tricks, using your identity.

Ways to check your CPF

The ideal to avoid this kind of problem is to monitor your CPF in the federal government’s official protection services and platforms.

In this way, it is possible to check if your name is involved in unknown debts, requests for social benefits and other illegal practices.

See below what these platforms are.


a Register It is a CPF verification platform, created by the Central Bank. Through it it is possible to check whether your data has been used to open accounts and also whether there are any suspicious transactions in any bank.

In addition, you can view information about loans and checks on your behalf. You can check the Pix keys registered to your CPF number, and data about international exchanges and transfers. The service is free, but registration is required to access the information.


fur seraYou can find out if there are restrictions on your name, notary operations, lawsuits, and issues with your registration status. The service is free to access, but it also has a paid option, Serasa Premium, which gives access to bi-monthly reports and email alerts when your CPF is consulted.

A popular tool on the platform is Serasa Score, which is a score ranging from 0 to 1000. It indicates a user’s chances of paying bills on time within the next 12 months. The degree is one of the data that is evaluated in granting funding, loans and cards.

SPC Brazil

a SPCprotection service credit, is an agency that also allows you to consult your CPF data. It is maintained by trade associations, which make the information available through partner institutions.

In it, you can also check if there are default issues and other problems associated with your name. The difference between this one and Serasa is the database which, in this case, comes from authorized retailers.

good view

It was created as an SPC (Service Credit Protection Central), and good view It also allows consultation of information related to the Collaborative Partnership Framework. The service receives data from financial institutions and public bodies free of charge as well.

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