May 24, 2024

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See what can make your CPF dirty in the box

For those who already have Dirty name in the market He knows that it is not easy to get credit and more facilities when making new purchases. But do you know what makes a person negative? See the main reasons to avoid using an inappropriate name.

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Today, many Brazilians find themselves negative without knowing the reasons. But more than that as a result of unemployment, which surprised many people. For those with installment accounts, for example, fulfilling all obligations is becoming more and more difficult.

Negative name

If you don’t have a sloppy name on the market and want to stay away from it, here’s what to avoid. Starting with corporate debt. You bought something and couldn’t pay? Before you stain your name, the best way is to try to negotiate.

Otherwise, if your name ends up in Serasa, your CPF number is already negative and the pending issue is hard to solve.

Another way is to protest. Every debt has a deadline for it to be paid off. After that, the person who has funds to receive it can report the pending case to the notary’s office. After that, the name gets dirty again. That is, negative.

Giving bad checks is also one of the main reasons. Therefore, when a person writes a check in the market for a certain amount, but the same amount is not available, the check is bad. Thus, another common error is causing the consumer name to be negative.

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Also, if a person has a stake in a bankrupt company. If the debts of the company are not paid, then the CPF of the partners will also be compromised.

If after all these reasons you still doubt whether or not you have a bad name, the search can be done on the Serasa website. Just report your CPF number and make the query, for which there is no consumer charge.

Once this is done, if you have any outstanding issues, the advice is to pay off the debt as soon as possible to keep your name clean and without any strings attached.