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How to clear the negative CPF number;  paying off

How to clear the negative CPF number; paying off

Anyone with a negative CPF is prohibited from doing several things, such as getting a file creditBuy in installments, ask loans In the bank, among other things in economic life.

First, to find out if your CPF is actually negative, it is necessary to refer to the registry of companies specializing in this service, such as SCPC – Boa Vista, Serasa and SPC Brasil, which record consumer default. As these organizations are hired as consultants by companies that pass on distressed customer data, forming a database.

“When the company grants credit, it consults the CPF and checks the consumer’s history over the past five years. Alain Maciel, Serasa director of Agência Brasil, explained that the more debt he has in his history, the worse his payer’s rating and the less credit he will receive in the marketplace.

Companies employing the service of these institutions can consult the CPF of anyone, however, the consumer can check his status only through the available platforms.

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How do I know if I have a negative CPF?

In order for a citizen to know if his CPF number is negative, he must fill in the registration with the full name and date of birth and thus create a login and password.

besides seraYou can also consult the Credit Protection Service for free (SCPC) operated by Boa Vista. pre-existing SPC BrazilPaid service.

On the platform, the consumer will be able to know whether he is considered a good or bad payer by the score and also negotiate debts with the mediation of the credit consulting firm.

For a negative CPF, the default period varies according to the state, in São Paulo, for example, it is 20 days, but in other states this period is shorter, which is ten days.

On these platforms, debts that reject your CPF can be consulted, settled or repaid in installments.

Serasa has a record 65 million defaulted CPF, totaling more than 200 million debts.

Maciel explains that after five years, there is a prescription for negative CPF.

“This debt no longer binds consumer credit, but it still owes it,” Maciel explained.

At the Serasa Registry, for example, a consumer, even after leaving credit constraints, can consult and negotiate debts, explains Serasa’s principal.

Allen Maciel also draws attention to the risk of fraud through false payment slips for debt negotiation.

“Scammers tease people through WhatsApp, give very low status, and actually end up owing people with these fraudulent boletos payments. The consumer should look at the ticket to make sure it is real,” he says.

The director also directs the citizen to reach out to the platforms or companies where he has contracted the debt to confirm the negotiation offer.

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