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How will the Caixa Tem application loan work?

How will the Caixa Tem application loan work?

In September this year, can You must advertise how microcredit works through the Caixa Tem app. According to the information received from the President of the Bank, Pedro Guimarães, the goal is to show lend For financial institution account holders, who have digital social savings accounts. Check below how it should work.

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How will the Caixa Tem application loan work?

The value of the lend Via the Caixa Tem app, it can range from 500 to 3000 R$, pre-approved with a payment period of 18 to 24 months. Order credit It must happen by the application itself.

During an interview with Brazil TV, Guimarães explained that the goal is to provide small loans to 30 million people. The program must make available to the applicant the value of all premiums that he must pay.

Caixa Tem currently aims to provide payments for social programs to the federal government. Such as emergency aid, emergency withdrawal from FGTS, PIS allowance and Bolsa Família.

According to Guimarães, see how The loan will work through the Caixa Tem app

“Most people cannot calculate compound interest. The important thing is how much I will pay per month and whether it fits into the budget. So, we will launch this program when the Bolsa Família takes place. About the new Bolsa Família, Caixa Econômica and I are participating in the operational part, which is already doing This discussion is the Ministry of Citizenship with the Ministry of Economie“.

In short, Caixa says it will continue to disclose the date the software should be available. According to Guimarães, the estimate is the alignment of the supply of credit, with the end of emergency aid installment payments.

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We will combine the end of emergency assistance with the start of the microcredit program for 30 million people. We will combine two groups: the group that will receive the Bolsa Família, this group that is not able to pay, so it is an income transfer, and the group that is able to pay,” the Caixa president explained.

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