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The moving average of deaths continues to rise in DF; transmission less than 1

Published 9/26/2021 7:09 PM / Updated 9/26/2021 7:10 PM

(Credit: Marcelo Ferreira/CB/DA Press)

The Federal District arrived, on Sunday (26/9), 15.9 mark in the moving average of deaths per COVID-19. The result is the highest since September 3, when the index hit the level. The record is 32% higher than the account 14 days ago.

According to data from the Epidemiological Bulletin of Ministry of Health of the Federal DistrictThe moving average of cases is also on the rise: it reached 853.4. The index is 21% higher than what was perceived two weeks ago, on September 12.

With 0.9, the transmission rate of the virus, which measures the reproduction of the disease, reached the sixth day at a level of less than 1 this Sunday (26/9), indicating control of the epidemic. Before, the number remained equal to or greater than 1 for nine days, indicating progression in the infection.

report card

The Department of Health has confirmed more than 655 cases of COVID-19 in the Federal District and reported 13 deaths on Sunday (9/26). With the update, the total number of deaths in the federal capital was 10,395, and the total number of infections from the disease was 471,526, of which 471,526 (95.9%) were patients who were cured.

Among the deaths reported are four women and nine men. One person was between 30 and 39 years old; one from 50 to 59; three from 60 to 69; Four are between 70 and 79 years old. Of the total of 13 victims, nine were ascertained for comorbidities, and four were over eighty. Aggravating factors were metabolic disorders, immunosuppression, obesity, nephropathy, lung disease and heart disease.

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The lethality of the defender is 2.2%. In absolute numbers, Sealandia is the city with the most cases, with 53,641 notifications of COVID-19. Then comes Plano Belotto (49,183), Taguatinga (38,277), Aguas Claras (27,348) and Samambia (26,548).


The Federal District has 97 patients waiting in a waiting list for a bed in intensive care units (ICU), Sunday night (9/26). According to the information received from the Ministry of Health, out of this total, there are 11 people with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 virus.

This Sunday, around 6 p.m., the total occupancy rate of intensive care beds for the novel coronavirus in the public network was 60.78%. In all, the capital has 148 designated places for COVID-19 patients. Of these, 62 and 40 vacancies were occupied. There are also 26 beds blocked from the public network and 20 beds awaiting release.

The situation is similar in private hospitals in the capital. Of the 177 beds designated for those infected with the virus, 131 beds were filled, 38 were vacant, and eight were filled. The occupancy of ICU beds for adults is 77.25% and pediatric beds at 100% of capacity.