May 25, 2024

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Boninho is shocked by commenting on Sonia Abrau’s controversial stances with the BBB

Boninho spoke about Sonia Abrau (Image: clone/Globo)

Sonia Abram Cause a lot by covering BBB 2022Give Globe. AttractiveThen he talked about everything the presenter caused during the reality show. It is worth noting that she became the number 1 fan of Arthur Aguiar, the heroine of the season.

During a lecture at Rio2C, which is taking place this week, he agreed to cover A Tarde é Sua and even sent a message to his colleague:

“Sonia Abrau, I love you, I’m talking about Globo, talk about the whole Big Brother. I love him, this is what I want, this is what we want. It’s really cool to be doing a TV show on Globo that everyone is talking about.”

Big Boss then stated that this exchange of content and interactions is the natural course of the TV industry, even with the competition.

“If we use this clever information to allow ourselves to reciprocate, allow ourselves to give in and understand that sometimes you don’t need to… on the contrary, you can get out of this bubble. Fly, fly higher because the less you get into that bubble, the more you can be.” to spread these ideas and be able to fit this creativity”, Complete Boninho.

Sonia Abrau has an attack of happiness with Arthur Aguiar’s victory

In the early hours of this Wednesday (27), following the result of the reality show’s grand finale, presenter RedeTV! Use his Instagram to celebrate.

The journalist launched a long revolution, even declaring that the celebrity even won the “invisible hand” on his way to becoming a champion. In recent weeks, it is worth remembering, she has been bringing charges against the Carioca announcer.

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“Arthura or freaks out! He’s a BBB22 Champion! Super hero! Because it has overcome the power of the invisible hand, it nullifies the campaign against the checker, the betrayals and loneliness in reality, the prejudice inside and outside the home, and the refusal of the willing to see their downfall, again.”Sonia Abram started.

Contractor RedeTV! He also paid tribute to the track built by Myra Cardi’s husband on the reality show Globo.

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