May 19, 2024

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"I don't want to believe it" · TV news

“I don’t want to believe it” · TV news

Giseilan Alves Raised the possibility that Arthur Aguiar would be the strongest participant in BBB 22. Worriedly, the teacher analyzed the chances of encountering Myra Cardi’s husband on the adjacent walls. “I don’t want to believe he is the strongest person in this house,” the sister commented.

The actor’s name appeared in the early hours of Saturday (2), while Lin da Quebrada criticized about the other. “Who would be the best wall for you and me?” asked the singer. “Islo [Eslovênia Marques]”Maybe,” replied Natalia Deodato.

“Wow, I think it would be really bad. The best would be one of them. I think with Arthur we have the strength,” Lin continued. Then Jesse agreed with the artist: “Arthur will be good.” “I don’t think so. If it were me, then you and Arthur would leave,” Natalia did not agree.

Lin stated that she needed to believe more in her own potential within the game to get a prize of R$1.5 million. Eliezer Netto insisted on the prostitute Eliezer Netto: “I think, but when speaking strategically about the game, he’s in more of a position.” The singer replied, “It was like that. There’s no more of that. It’s our path.”

After hearing Natty’s opinion, Jesse confirmed that she wanted to confront Myra Cardi’s husband in the danger zone and asked if he was one of the audience’s favorites:

But we’re also strategic now. See what I did today. I won Proof of the Angel and voted for DG [Douglas Silva], who was the one who had not yet voted. In a way, I put down the two people who were our voting options. Therefore, it is not possible that everything we have experienced will not be taken into account. I don’t want to believe that Arthur is the strongest person in this house.

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