May 24, 2024

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"I want some time to myself" · TV news

“I want some time to myself” · TV news

Rafa Kaliman announced that he will move to New York next Saturday (23). The BBB20 bridesmaid decided to spend a season studying English and theater outside of Brazil. “I want some time for myself,” said the 28-year-old digital influencer.

“I am moving now for a number of reasons. I want to study theater, I want to improve my English. I am starting to learn English in this remote epidemic and I need to live the experience in practice. I want some time for myself, so I am going alone,” Is there explained.

“I think there are moments in life when we have to turn off a switch, especially when you get a lot of dropping. There are times we need to turn it off, just to find ourselves. I’ve lived a lot in Big Brother. I’ll stay until Christmas,” she said in an interview with Kim magazine. birth. God’s future.”

a Casa Kaliman Commander, Globoplay, does not exclude the possibility of meeting a new love in the country, but noted that at one stage she is happy and focused on work. “I adore myself. I am deep in everything. When I start a relationship, I live it deeply. I love being like this,” she said. Danielle Coon’s ex-girlfriend.

Rafa also commented on Constant attacks on social networks: “I lived through very difficult moments a short time ago. It was really very difficult. I had many consequences of many things that were, even welcome, related to social media, many attacks and challenges, which I do not want to experience and I do not want to That someone live too.”

They are welcomed for this very reason. I think everything has something to teach you. And I think that taught me how to be stronger. As I grew older with myself, I did not allow myself to shake.

“Of course, I am a body, first and foremost, and there are plenty of times when I want to answer and get everything out, but I try to put myself under it. [Deus] And he answers me. From time to time, I go and answer. But when I answer, it’s also really bad,” the blogger added.

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a Globo . contracted He also assumed he was trying to draw a lesson from the criticism he received: “I have to learn more. People are, by and large, right when they ask us for a clearer position, influencers. They’re right, yes, when they demand our social responsibility. It’s a process and people need Also to learn to respect this process.”

“Perfection is expected of us, but no one allows us to improve. The most I learned at the time was that I should strive to learn. BBB was a great school in my life,” he said Actress who is on the cast of Rensga Hits!, from Globoplay.