May 30, 2024

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Ibovespa futures fall, in line with foreign exchanges and with lower commodities

Ibovespa follows the outward appearance and cuts a series of increments; The dollar is rising again

After five high trading sessions, the Brazilian stock market closed lower this Wednesday (18), in the wake of the fall of US stock exchanges, which were pressured by fears of tightening monetary policy and slowing economic growth.

Offshore, the publication of a Walmart report helped put a damper on pessimism, which showed that inflation continues to pressure its margins. The general increase in prices was certainly held back by the country’s largest supermarket chain in the first quarter, and for analysts, this may indicate that inflation is more widespread.

Petrobras (PETR3;PETR4) and valley (VALE3) also dragged the index down, reflecting a more challenging outlook for the global economy. Goldman Sachs today lowered its forecast for Chinese GDP in 2022 from 4.5% to 4%, due to Covid Zero policy.

The Ibovespa Index fell 2.34% to 106,247 points after swinging between 106.038 and 108.923 points. The financial volume amounted to 29.5 billion Brazilian riyals.

LOCAWEB shares (LWSA3) and Hapvida (HAPV3) The most prominent positive points, which rose respectively, were 13.95% and 4.45%, followed by Ecorodovias shares (ECOR3) with a gain of 2.27%.

Hapvida shares reversed the previous day’s strong decline due to less than encouraging results for the first quarter. On this date, the healthcare company announced a share buyback.

indoor units (binary 11) and Ultrapar (UGPA3(The most prominent negative indicators for the session, declining, respectively, were 8.62% and 7.71%, followed by Dexco shares)DXCO3), with a loss of 6.43%.

The biggest drop today was that of Banco Inter (BIDI11), on a negative day for the financial sector as a whole.

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The dollar breaks the sequence of 4 consecutive bottoms and closes higher. The US currency rose by 0.80% to reach 4,982 Brazilian riyals after fluctuating between 4,923 and 5000 Brazilian reais.

For Fabrizio Filoni, chief economist at Frente Corretora, the dollar rose against real and other currencies due to the more consistent rhetoric of the Federal Reserve Chairman about the US interest rate increase.

In the AftermarketAt 5:10 pm, future interest rates are running without a specific direction, adjusting to the perspective of the end of the monetary tightening cycle by BC and accompanying the decline in Treasury yields, on the day of global risk aversion. DIF23 did not fluctuate, remaining 13.34%; DIF25, -0.12 p., 12.38%; DIF27, -0.04 p., 12.19%; DIF29, +0.08 pages, 12.22%.

On Wall Street, stocks closed sharply lower, with the Dow Jones the biggest loss since 2020 on Wednesday, after another major retail trader warned of escalating cost pressures, underscoring investors’ worst fears about a rally. 2022.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 3.56% to 31,493 points. The S&P 500 fell 4.03% to 3,924 points, while the Nasdaq fell 4.73% to 11,418 points.

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