June 23, 2024

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FII Central: Most of the recommended funds are up up to 17% in December, and Vinci Fulwood will invest R$263 million in MG;  ifix progress

FII Central: Most of the recommended funds are up up to 17% in December, and Vinci Fulwood will invest R$263 million in MG; ifix progress

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The last week of the year begins with a slight relief in the outlook for the country’s official inflation, according to the Central Bank’s Focus Bulletin, released on Monday (27). According to the document, the National Consumer Price Index (IPCA) should close the year at 10.02% – compared to expectations for a 10.04% increase last week (read more all year) Central de FIIs).

Another highlight of the week is the performance of REITs recommended for the month of December, which comes after most real estate investment makers’ appreciation for the month. in this period , IFIXThe index, which aggregates the most exchange-traded funds, rose 6%.

Top 5 Most Recommended and Collected Funds by Brokers Infomoney It operates with gains of 2.7% to 17%, as is the case with Bresco Logístico (BRCO11), which for four months has been topping the list of most suggested.

Bresco currently has more than 51,000 shareholders and a net worth of R$1.6 billion. The fund contains 11 properties that together add up to a Gross Leasable Area (GLA) of 446,000 square metres. According to the management report, the fund recently canceled the vacancy.

Check out the performance of the five recommended funds for December below:

ribbon background Piece Recommendations Change in December (%) Variance in 2021 (%) 12-month change (%)
BRCO11 Brisco Logistics logistics 8 17,06 -7,70 -8,94
HGRU11 Urban Income CSHG selling by pieces 5 7,79 -4,21 -2.22
HGCR11 CSHG receivables accounts receivable 4 4,30 14,35 15, 20
KNCR11 Real estate income in Kenya accounts receivable 5 3.08 22,60 24,15
TRXF11 TRX Real Retail / Logistics 5 2,70 7,47 8,43

Note: Profitability takes into account the reinvestment of dividends. The reference citation is on December 23, 2021.

Sources: Economatica and brokerage (Ativa Investimentos, BB Investimentos, BTG Pactual, Genial, Guide, Itaú BBA, Mirae Asset, Órama, Santander Corretora, Rico)

On average, broker-recommended funds for the month of December are up 6.99%, well above Ifix’s performance for the month.

In the Monday session (27), Ifix works in the positive field. At 11:10 am, the index rose by 0.37% to 2734 points. In the previous session, the index recorded a gain of 0.66%.

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Monday’s Biggest Highs (27):

ribbon Noun section Variance (%)
Battle 11 home logistics hybrid 2,96
URPR11 Urca Head Renda Aharon 2,62
RVBI11 Obi Rits Nicknames and Val. mob. 1,99
XPPR11 XP خصائص Characteristics Aharon 1,98
AIEC11 Autonomous buildings corporate panels 1,8

The biggest human losses this Monday (27):

ribbon Noun section Variance (%)
HGFF11 CSHG FoF Nicknames and Val. mob. -1.7
FLMA11 Continental Square Faria Lima hybrid -1,29
HGPO11 CSHG Head corporate panels -0.83
ALZR11 Renda Trust Alliance logistics -0.67
VTLT11 Futurantem Logistics logistics -0.57

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Vinci Fulwood wants to invest R$263 million in warehouse in Extrema and XP Malls completes stake purchase in Estação BH

Check the latest information revealed by real estate funds in the relevant facts:

Vinci Fulwood (VFDL11) reports R$263 million investment in a warehouse in Xtrema

Vinci Fulwood Desenvolvimento Logístico signed on Friday (24) a commitment to purchase 50% of the land in Extrema (MG) for the construction of the logistics complex “Infinity Business Park”.

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The project, which has an area of ​​more than 200,000 square meters of gross leasable area (GLA), will be developed by the fund and the planned investment is R$263 million.

According to the project, the space will have high building standards, such as a ceiling height of 12 meters, a floor loading capacity of 6 tons per square meter, a fire protection system (sprinklers) and a sewage treatment plant.

The future shed will also feature a 24 hour security system, enclosure for trucks and cars, and the possibility of dividing the property into several units.

An important logistics corridor, the city of Extrema crosses the Fernao Dias Expressway, which connects Belo Horizonte (MG) to the state of São Paulo. The area attracts large companies such as Magazine Luiza, Privalia, Tok & Stok, Mercado Livre, Panasonic, DHL, Centauro, Johnson & Johnson.

If the deal is confirmed, the land for “Infinity Business Park” would be the third acquisition by Vinci Follwood, which had already purchased one property in Extrema and another in Rio de Janeiro. The spaces represent about 94.5% of the fund’s capital.

XP centers (XPML11) Completes interest purchase in Shopping Estação BH

Last week, XP Malls Fund completed the acquisition of 40% of the Estação BH shopping center located in the Venda Nova neighborhood of Belo Horizonte (MG).

The contract was signed in October and provides for a payment of R$150 million to participate in the mall. Of this amount, the fund disbursed R$93 million and the remainder will be divided into four further payments.

Estação BH was opened in 2012 with a GLA area of ​​37,000 square meters and houses more than 200 stores, including leisure and entertainment options. The space will be the first mall in Minas Gerais in the XP Malls portfolio, which already includes 12 other malls.

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The fund estimates that the result of the acquisition in the first year of operation will increase the annual distribution of dividends by about R$0.48 per share.

Today’s earnings

Check out real estate funds that distribute income on Monday (27):

ribbon background Income (BRL)
BTAL11 BTG Pactual Agro 0.84%

Source: InfoMoney

Real estate turnover: Inflation in 2021 expected a slight decline

The latest Focus Bulletin for 2021 was published by the Central Bank on Monday morning (27) and showed, as it stands out, lower market expectations for disparity in inflation and Brazilian GDP in 2021.

Now, professionals consulted by the Brazilian monetary authority see, on average, that the national consumer price index (IPCA) should end the year at 10.02% – compared to expectations for a 10.04% increase last week. GDP should advance by 4.51%, a figure lower than the 4.58% reported in the latest Focus Bulletin.

Either way, the new forecast reinforces the trends that have been on display in recent weeks. The IPCA posted its third projected decline of the year – after 35 consecutive weeks of rally. Gross domestic product, in turn, is in its eleventh week of lower expectations.

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