June 23, 2024

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Ibovespa rises again and regains 105 thousand points;  The dollar reverses its mark and falls after the stock exchange opens

Ibovespa rises again and regains 105 thousand points; The dollar reverses its mark and falls after the stock exchange opens

B3 Bovespa São Paulo Stock Exchange (Germano Lüders / InfoMoney)

The Ibovespa index rose again in business on Friday (3), while overseas markets, running sideways, started to follow the same path. The main economic indicator abroad is Payroll, the data from the US labor market, which brought in worse-than-expected numbers, but did not take a breather from the stock exchanges.

In addition, investors continue to monitor the risks of the omicron variant of the Corona virus, and here, attention is also focused on the next steps of the PEC dos Precatório, whose approval caused the stock exchange to achieve its highest daily rise of the year in yesterday’s session.

The United States created 210,000 jobs in October, according to the employment report released today by the Department of Labor. Scan media Refinitiv With economists, he expected the creation of 550,000 vacancies outside the agricultural sector last month, compared to the creation of 531,000 jobs in October.

The unemployment rate, in turn, stood at 4.6%. The expectation was that the rate would rise to 4.5% in November, a 20-month low.

Here, highlight the Industrial production for the month of OctoberThis also frustrated expectations. The index fell 0.6% in October compared to September, the fifth consecutive negative result, after it accumulated in this period a 3.7% loss. Compared to October 2020, in the series without a seasonal adjustment, the decline was 7.8%.

Analysts’ expectations Refinitiv has heard were a slight increase of 0.6% in the monthly comparison, and a fall of 5% in the annual comparison.

“The data shows that we started the last quarter of 2021 with bad signs, and that this year’s activity could be underestimated,” says Andre Perfetto, chief economist at Necton.

After it was approved in two rounds yesterday, in the Senate, the text of the PEC dos Precatórios has been amended and will return to the House, where it will also need to be voted on twice.

“Poison is applied in doses other than homeopathic, in order to accustom the patient to the treatment and the possibility of financial disaster,” wrote Jason Vieira, chief economist at Infinity Asset, explaining that the market is not so much PEC-friendly, but recognizes that it is a “less bad” alternative. “.

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“The market will be ‘satisfied’ with the result, especially with the release of the agenda at the conference, and will focus on new issues that will be pursued in the short time before the parliamentary recess,” adds Vieira.

At 10:50 a.m. (Brazilian time), the Ibovespa index rose 1.34% to 105861 points. Ibovespa’s December futures trading rose 1.4% to 106,180 points.

The trade dollar is down 0.7% to R$ 5.619 when buying and R$ 5.620 for sale. The dollar futures contract due in January 2022 is trading at a decrease of 0.43% to R$5.652.

In the futures market, the DI for January 2023 fell 22 basis points to 11.32%; January 2025 DI drops 17 basis points to 11.01%; The DI for January 2027 fell 13 basis points to 11.01%.

In New York, index futures expand profits. Dow futures rose 0.29%; S&P futures rose 0.43% and Nasdaq futures rose 0.64%.

In Europe, stock exchanges are also stabilizing in positive territory. The Stoxx 600 Index, which aggregates shares of 600 companies from all major sectors in 17 European countries, rose 0.32%.

In the eurozone, the business activity index accelerated last month. IHS Markit’s composite PMI rose to 55.4 in November, indicating expansion. But analysts believe the growth rate is likely to be short-lived as demand growth has shown signs of slowing and concerns about the Omicron variable dampened optimism.

In China, the Caixin/Market Services Sector PMI fell to 52.1 in November with increased inflationary pressures and new spikes in Covid-19. Most Asian stocks closed higher on Friday, still keeping an eye on the situation around the micron variant of the coronavirus.

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Oil prices rose after the Organization of Petroleum Producing Countries and its allies (OPEC+) decided to keep plans to increase production in January, despite the impact of the micron variable on the economy. Brent crude is trading up 3.13% to $71.87. West Texas Intermediate crude rose 3.16% to $68.58. On the other hand, iron ore fell more than 2% in China’s Dalian Stock Exchange, with double steel strip from China.

corporate radar

Company news on Friday (03) highlights Susanoo (SUZB3) which agreed to increase its capital expenditures for 2022.

CPFL Energia (CPFE3(Let’s go)GO3) Approval of the distribution of dividends and interest on equity.

Meanwhile, Melius (cash 3) to a historic record GMV created in one month, totaling R$ 923 million in November 2021, an increase of 87% over the same period the previous year.

In turn, Invepar (IVPR4B) that Anac has agreed to an exceptional review of the concession contract for Guarulhos International Airport, in the amount of R$799.7 million.

Check out the highlights:


to Susanoo (SUZB3) for the year 2022 with a total amount of 13.6 billion Brazilian riyals in estimating capital expenditures.

For fiscal year 2021, the amount of R$ 6.2 billion has been maintained.

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According to a statement, the increase is mainly due to investment in the Cerrado project, taking into account industrial, forestry, infrastructure and logistical investments.


CPFL (CPFE3) has approved the distribution of dividends in a total amount of R$804 million, which is equivalent to R$0.697762553 per ordinary share. Dividends will be paid on December 21st.

Shareholders who own shares on December 9th will be entitled to a dividend.

Let’s go

Vamos has agreed to pay dividends and interest on equity (JCP) for a total amount of R$190 million. Payment is scheduled for December 30th.

In terms of dividends, 143.8 million Brazilian reais will be distributed, equivalent to 0.148402255 Brazilian reais per share.

In terms of interest on equity, the total amount corresponds to R$46.2 million, corresponding to R$0.047678610 per share.

Banco Inter

Banco Inter informed in a fundamental fact yesterday (2) that it will not implement the reorganization of the company, which provided for the listing of its shares on the American Stock Exchange.

“The value of the ‘cash-withdrawal’ option has been determined in excess of R$2 billion, such that the condition that the total amount to be disbursed for the purposes of paying the cash-cash option shall not exceed this amount has been determined,” he wrote.

Thus, the option to redeem the shares, prior to converting them into BDRs, and then later, into Nasdaq shares, “cash-out”, ended up overtaking more than 10% of its shareholder base, a condition that could not have happened.


Anac has agreed to an extraordinary review of the concession contract for Guarulhos International Airport, due to the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the airport concession sector.

The amount recognized by ANAC is in the range of R$799.7 million.


Melius (cash 3) to a historic record for GMV created in one month, reaching R$ 923 million in November 2021, an increase of 87% over the same period the previous year.

The number of new buyers also grew strongly by 82% year-over-year.


Minerva (BEEF3It concluded the acquisition of Shark Lake and Great Eastern Abattoir slaughterhouses, both of which specialize in sheep and are located in Australia.

According to the company, the start of operations should continue in December, and the investments were made through a joint venture between Minerva Foods and SALIC, in which Minerva Foods owns a 65% stake, while SALIC owns the remaining 35%.


a vivo (VVEO3The acquisition of all the shares of Cirúrgica Mafra has concluded.

The newly acquired company has five physical stores and two distribution centers with more than 12,000 SKUs in its portfolio.


tropical (EQTL3) reported that the Operator of the National Electrical System (ONS) issued a Final Issue Term (TLD) to receive 100% of the Allowable Annual Revenue (RAP) for SPE 04 and 06 assets, for a total amount of R$242.1 million, as guaranteed by the concession contracts.

SPEs 04 and 06 had asset TLDs issued retroactively to the activation date, November 25, 2021. With the release, all cluster transmission lines are 100% operational.

sign in

sign in (login 3TVV -Terminal de Vila Velha, a company controlled by Log-In, has announced that it has terminated the issuance of a simple non-convertible bond, type with real security, in one series, in the amount of R$ 240 million.


CCR (CCRO3) The traffic volume will be released on a monthly basis starting from February 2022.

AES Brazil

AES Brazil (AESB3) about the merger of Tucano Holding I, II and F5 by the company.

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