December 2, 2023

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General Joaquim Silva e Luna.

PT goes to MPF against Petrobrás chief for fuel price

Representatives have stated that the rise in fuel prices in Brazil is the result of an arbitrary exercise adopted by the selection of the Bolsonaro government.

by William Beloved, in Metropolis – The Chamber’s Labor panel on Friday (3/12) requested that the MPF in the Federal District investigate Petrobras’ chief, General Joaquim Silva e Luna, for alleged crimes against the economic system and consumer relations. Representatives have stated that the high fuel prices in Brazil are the result of an arbitrary practice that was adopted by the choice of the Bolsonaro government.

“Import parity price is a government choice, created by Michel Temer and maintained by Jair Bolsonaro and Petrobras President. This practice is abusive and illegal because it raises, without good reason, the price of the marketed product, in clear violation of Art. 39, X of the Consumer Protection Act,” he stated. the acting.

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