June 23, 2024

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“If you go to the bathroom and lose bitcoin by $42,000, that’s it,” says an analyst who is expecting a 50% increase in BTC and up to 80% for 6 altcoins.

“If you go to the bathroom and lose bitcoin by $42,000, that’s it,” says an analyst who is expecting a 50% increase in BTC and up to 80% for 6 altcoins.

After a bloody weekend that saw the price of Bitcoin (BTC) fell to $42,000 on Monday, 06, Top value Cryptocurrency The market managed to recover part of its value and returned to trading above $50,000.

About one of the most famous traders in the market, the analyst Phys Ringtone, who missed the opportunity to buy BTC While diving you will regret it Because of Cryptocurrency It will have a V-shaped reversal in an uptrend.

“I really think this is going to be like a V-shaped reversal. You won’t get another chance to buy that dip. You had another chance to buy it for $47,000, because then it’s going to go up,” he said. .

Also according to the analyst, the recent crash showed that the bulls have strong support at $40,000 and This may have created a spring-like catalyst for Bitcoin to start a new uptrend in the coming days.

“Given the way this candle has unfolded, there is now a greater chance of a new all-time record this year than there was before the crash. The V-shaped movement creates additional upward pressure from FOMO [medo de perder]”, pointing to.

Analyst notes that Bitcoin can now easily It crossed the $70,000 mark and rose more than 50% to the $80,000 level.

Bullish Cryptocurrencies

Along the same lines with Vays, young manThe host of the popular cryptocurrency channel Coin Bureau noted that the drop in the price of BTC showed that investors were looking for altcoins that rebounded faster than the largest cryptocurrency in the market.

So, for him, one of the altcoins that could surpass BTC in a new high is Earth (Luna). Jay says that LUNA’s recent positive price action is driven by demand for stablecoins on the platform and the latest protocol update.

“These dynamics sent Luna to the moon. And while I saw a slight correction over the weekend, if LUNA can get back to the $75 level in the next few days, LUNA will come in at $90 soon,” he points out.

The same, according to him, should happen with Polygon (matic). According to the analyst, the strength of MATIC in recent days may lie in the anticipation of an event in which Polygon plan Create a “big ad”.

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For .’s team of analysts Daily Hodel, Aelf Network (dwarf), recently rose more than 85%, thus becoming Code It was forgotten after its release in 2018.

The sudden price jump follows the transformation of the platform to support gaming projects in the metaverse. aelf team is Pour A metaverse-themed hackathon designed to encourage the development of online game projects that can help drive up price in the short term and put the ELF blockchain back into the big game.

Solana, Ethereum e Avalanche

For the merchant known as reasonable The cryptocurrency that could accompany Bitcoin in a new upward movement is Solana (Sol). Credible believes SOL will set new records, to around $300 early next year.

“SOL has held up this fall very well and has completely rebuilt its bearish move. He will be one of the first to recover and set a new record in my opinion.”

to the analyst known as smart contractWho is ready to beat Bitcoin in a new bullish cycle? Ethereum Which is preparing for a massive rally against Bitcoin (ETH/BTC) after the pair exited a major bullish continuation pattern.

“ETH/BTC is coming out after several months of re-accumulation in a landfill. The entire market looks too bullish for alternative changes, in my opinion. 0.1 BTC ($4885) and then 0.14 BTC ($6839) will come sooner than people think. Imagine thinking That this is a bear market.”

Another coin on the list of traders is smart contract platform and Ethereum competitor Avalanche (fax). According to Smart Contracter, AVAX is now ready to rally to all-time highs after successfully retesting key demand areas on both pairs.

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