June 21, 2024

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Find out how much R$37 million you have saved

Find out how much R$37 million you have saved

On the night of Tuesday (12/07), Caixa will withdraw the new Mega-Sena prize, number 2435. If the player can match the six dozen, he will be able to receive about 37 million Brazilian reais, considering that Mega-Sena has accumulated once other and inside this value range. But do you already know what is the best way to ensure a good income?

An alternative is to leave your Mega-Sena prize in a savings account. To illustrate how the computation works, we have brought up an income simulation according to the Selic rate. It is currently in the 7.75% range, but Copom may make a new adjustment this week. This means that the calculation may change in the next few days.

Mega Sina: How much is 37 million Brazilian riyals paid?

If the player can match all the drawn Mega-Sena scores, he can get the sum of 37 million Brazilian Real. If only he gets the jackpot. Prize predictions were created by Caixa itself. There will be a possibility, in this way, to leave the money in the savings account.

Selic’s rate is currently in the 7.75% range. This means that in the first month, the lucky person will have an income of approximately 162.8 thousand Brazilian reais. Remember that tickets with bets can be registered until 19:00 on December 7, 2021, either by lottery or by Location from the fund.

The transmission, as in the other drawings, will be performed by channel No Banquo No Youtube.

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