June 16, 2024

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Importers warn of the risks of shortages

Companies responsible for fuel import He told the federal government that the so-called “standard process” Tax auditors at the IRS It can lead to an increase in product prices, as well as an increased risk of “one-time shortages”.

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The term “standard process” is given when goods They were released to customs much sooner than usual. In short, it’s about how the Internal Revenue Service auditors have decided on the way they act strike for, at the end of December.

Category claims Reducing the IRS budget For the year 2022 and the lack of regulation for the efficiency reward in the amount of 3 thousand Brazilian riyals. After the budget cut, more than 600 tax auditors handed leadership positions.

Delays in the release of imported goods can lead to shortages

In a letter to the Ministry of Economy, the Brazilian Association of Fuel Importers (Abicom) reported that issues of imported fuel loads are taking more than 10 days to be processed due to the strike during the “standard run” of revenue auditors. On regular roads, the deadline is a day or two.

An excerpt from the letter says: “Delays in the issuance of imported products will reduce the availability and supply of fuel to meet the demands of distributors, adding to the shortage during January 2022.”

And in a disturbing tone, the association also reported that national refineries do not have enough capacity to meet the demand for gasoline and diesel in Brazil. For this reason, large quantities of oil are imported.

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For all these reasons, Abicom also warns that there may be Fuel price hike Offered to consumers, with the risk of an accidental shortage as of January of this year.