May 18, 2024

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In a series of photos, Viih Tube is standing in a thong bikini and something catches the eye

In a series of photos, Viih Tube is standing in a thong bikini and something catches the eye

Previous BBB Viih . tubeThe 21-year-old left his nearly 22 million followers at a loss on Friday afternoon (07). The cat shared a single click on her Instagram feed and was in great shape.

On the record, the celebrity has appeared in a series of photos wearing a crochet thong bikini full of gold detailing. The beauty appeared in different angles and her body fascinated netizens.

“Here is art, you can’t touch it, this masterpiece was so beautiful, it was appreciated and I put the price there,” wrote the cat, who won high praise in the comments.

One user wrote “Our Lady”. “What a perfect woman,” the netizen drooled. “Lindaaaaa aaaaaa 😍,” said the YouTuber fan club. “There are women on YouTube, there are people who are feeling sick,” one fan joked.

Celebrate achieving 21 million followers

A few weeks ago, Viih Tube used its social networks to celebrate an expressive imprint. At the time, the former BBB celebrated reaching 21 million followers on her Instagram. In the text posted on the platform’s feed, the celebrity reflected on her career, her participation in the BBB reality show and the maturity achieved:

“21 Million Agents, YOU’RE FIFIS. I can’t help but be thankful and grateful for having you so completely accepted, for welcoming me so well into my new phase! Anyone who accompanied me when I was a teenager of about 14/15 knows I was that free and fearless person!” But with some tough things happening in my professional life and in my personal life, I’ve been putting myself in a little box and getting so scared that it’s going to be me again!” she said.

At another point, Viih Tube stated that with the help of his family members along with treatment, he was able to overcome the post-confinement stress of the BBB: “With so much treatment, support from my family and fans, and with all the learning from confinement I experienced earlier this year, I feel like myself again! I feel my essence running through my veins! Without any fear of showing all my copies, even the ones I am not proud of, without fear of making mistakes, without fear of what they think of me! I feel freedom! “

“Thank you for supporting me, for all the messages I radiate again, happy, light, because that’s exactly how I feel! Thank you thank you thank you”, she concluded.