June 23, 2024

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Journalist generates revolution by criminalizing rap audiences at Manu Brown shows

Journalist generates revolution by criminalizing rap audiences at Manu Brown shows

Silvio Navarro sparked a revolution in the Rap Nationale community and was condemned for racism and discrimination

This week, we reported on it Manu Brown Went to your Twitter to announce it Those who wish to see their shows and the Racionais MC will need to provide proof of vaccination. This situation is due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which unfortunately has not ended, and the increase in the number of cases after the Omicron variant began to spread aggressively. In addition to the flu, the flu causes health system problems, too.

Remind everyone that vaccinations save lives and to go to concerts in Manu Brown The RACIONAISCN [Racionais MC’s] In 2022, you will need to provide proof of vaccination,” the rapper sent. The post split fan opinion. Some commented that they go along with the norm. Others complained that the singer will “rive up” his audience. Everyone has a full vaccination schedule, with two or three doses. , has an appointment with Mano Brown and Racionais MC on January 29, at Fundição Progresso, in Rio de Janeiro.

Proof of vaccination is required to enter various venues and shows throughout Brazil. However, after the information spread on social media, journalist Silvio Navarro took to his Twitter and posted the following message to his followers: “Manu Brown requires a vaccination certificate to enter the shows. Criminal examinations are not required.”

The post revolutionized the Rap Nationale community, which ended up denouncing Navarro for racism and discrimination and the criminalization of the rap audience. Bombarded with responses and big questions about its posting, the journalist ended up limiting the views of his tweet and later deleting it, but the internet had already done its work and the print of the message went viral on social networks.

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Civil engineering professor and speaker Levi Kaik Ferreira said: “This speech contains several problematic layers, racism, prejudice, and social discrimination, and the relationship he said is meaningless other than a direct attack on Manu Brown and his audience.”

See the post and some reactions below:

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