May 30, 2024

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In Times of the Emperor has alternate endings for Pilar, Samuel and Tunico TV News

In Times of the Emperor has alternate endings for Pilar, Samuel and Tunico TV News

With the recordings over, In the time of the emperor It will also resort to alternate endings for some characters. Gabriella Medvedovsky (Pilar), Michelle Gomez (Samuel), Alexander Nero (Tonico), and Paula Cohen (Lota) left several ready endings in the Globo Six telenovela.

according to Columnist Patricia Cogot, from O Globo newspaper, the authors Alessandro Marson and Teresa Falcao They have already decided what will be the fate of the characters in the story.

After 19 months and two hiatus due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, Globo finished registration last week From the time of the emperor. The plot will continue until February 2022. When will there be room for beyond illusion?, the series that will announce Larissa Manuela’s debut in the new house.

The station began recording several endings in this period in which the series ended in advance due to the health protocols of Covid-19, as happened with the “second season” of Save yourself who can (2020). Additionally, the upcoming new Globo TV series will be resorting to alternate endings.

It is scheduled to premiere on November 8 at 9 p.m., place in the sun You’ll go live already it’s all over. So, I left the novel by Lecia Manzo ready Several versions of the results, which will include the death and selection of spouses.

Mateus Solano, Giovanna Antonelli, Vladimir Brechta and Valentina Herzag will also score alternate endings for The more life, the better, which is scheduled to begin on November 22. Varied endings for the next TV series at seven It will involve the death of one of the four heroes. The author Mauro Wilson will choose only who will receive the tragic end in the last chapters of the plot.

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