April 2, 2023

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Industrial production fell in 7 out of 15 locations surveyed in July |  Economie

Industrial production fell in 7 out of 15 locations surveyed in July | Economie

NS 1.3% decrease in industrial production From June to July, he was accompanied by seven of the 15 sites analyzed by the regional edition of the IBGE’s monthly industrial survey. The largest decreases were recorded in Amazonas (-14.4%), São Paulo (-2.9%), Minas Gerais (-2.6%), Pará (-2.0%), Rio Grande do Sul (- 1.7%), Santa Catarina (- 1.5 %) and Rio de Janeiro (-1.4%).

For Bernardo Almeida, Research Analyst, July illustrates, in the foreground, the picture of the regional industry already seen before the pandemic. “With the advancement of vaccination and the increase in the spread of people, the industry began to show a pre-pandemic reality, but with conditions that increased, such as unemployment and inflation,” he says.

After four positive rates, the decline in Amazonas wiped out a portion of the 18.6% growth accumulated between March and June. “Two very influential sectors in the state underperformed: the beverage sector and the other transportation equipment sector,” Almeida explains. The decline is the steepest since April last year, when the Amazon industry reached the worst level in the historical streak (-48.7%), at the height of the epidemic. As a result, Amazonas was the second major negative contributor to the national index and left the list of places above the pre-pandemic level.

The main negative impact and place With the second largest absolute drop, Sao Paulo recorded the second negative rate in a row, accumulating a loss of 3.7% in two months. “This drop in July is very much indicative of the auto sector, which has been characterized very negatively and, as is already known, one of the largest in the São Paulo industry,” says the analyst. The July result also left São Paulo out of places that were above the pre-pandemic level and the state is now 0.4% below the February 2020 level.

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Bahia (6.7%) showed the largest increase in the period, followed by Espírito Santo (3.7%), Northeast (3.4%), Paraná (3.3%), Pernambuco (2.5%), Ceará (1.5%), Mato Grosso (1.1%) ) and Goiás (0.8%).

As a result of July, there were three locations above the pre-pandemic level in February 2020, focusing on Minas Gerais (11.8% above), which since July last year is the only place left. Santa Catarina (3.4%) and Parana (0.4%), which made the list with a July result, are the other two locations.

Compared to July 2020, the national industrial sector It grew 1.2% in July 2021Seven of the 15 regions surveyed showed positive rates: Espirito Santo (9.4%), Minas Gerais (8.6%), Paraná (8.2%) and Santa Catarina (7.8%) had the most intense expansions. Rio de Janeiro (2.8%), Rio Grande do Sul (2.4%) and São Paulo (1.3%) completed the group of places with positive indicators.

On the other hand, Bahia (-12.2%), Pará (-10.9%) and the Northeast (-9.6%) showed the steepest declines in July 2021. Pernambuco (-8.6%), Amazonas (-8.1%), Ceará (-3.2 %), Mato Grosso (-3.1%) and Goiás (-3.0%) also had negative rates per month.

In 2021, from January to July, compared to the same period in the previous year, 11% expansion of national production has been verified Reflected in 10 of the 15 places surveyed, especially Santa Catarina (23.1%), Ceará (20.9%), Amazonas (20.8%), Rio Grande do Sul (17.8%), Minas Gerais (17.2%), Parana (16.2%) ) and São Paulo (14.7%). Espiritu Santo (11.0%), Pernambuco (5.9%) and Rio de Janeiro (3.9%) completed the places group with progression.

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On the other hand, Bahia (-14.9%) showed the largest cumulative decline in the index during the year. Mato Grosso (-5.0%), Goiás (-3.8%), Northeast (-1.4%) and Pará (-0.5%) also showed negative rates.