June 21, 2024

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Itapemirim ceases operations

Itapemirim ceases operations

Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos announced early Friday (17) that it has “temporarily” suspended the company’s operations across Brazil. The operation of the Viação Itapemirim buses is still normal. The airline has faced many issues with delays and complaints from suppliers who have not received payment in recent months.

Passengers They are taken by surprise at airports across the country. At the beginning of the evening, about 100 of the company’s customers were unable to travel by air at Guarulhos Airport (SP).

There are no longer any employees representing the company to provide assistance, according to reports from those on the site.

The company did not say what these travelers should do on today’s flights. He has just said that he will continue to provide assistance to those affected. According to a note, anyone who has a flight scheduled for the next few days should contact [email protected].

Anac has been reported

In a statement, Itapimirim said it had already informed the Anac (National Civil Aviation Agency) of the decision. This measure came to implement an internal restructuring of the company, according to the press release.

Read the company’s full statement:

“The Itapemirim Group informed that it, on its own initiative, temporarily suspended the operations of its subsidiary, ITA, early Friday evening (17) for internal restructuring.

The decision was made due to the need for operational adjustments. The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) has already informed of the decision.

The ITA regrets the inconvenience it has caused and says it will continue to provide all assistance to affected passengers, as set out in Resolution 400 of the ANAC.

The company is directing passengers with scheduled flights for the next few days, so they can communicate by email [email protected].

The company will do its best to resume its flights soon.

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The Itapemirim Group also informed that this decision does not affect the provision of ground transportation services, through Viação Itapemirim, which follows its operations normally.”

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