December 2, 2023

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The government suspends the sale of 24 types of olive oil, according to the ministry |  agricultural business

The government suspends the sale of 24 types of olive oil, according to the ministry | agricultural business

The federal government has suspended 24 types of olive oil this year as part of a government inspection. Ministry Of AgricultureLivestock and Supply (Map).

total no, 151449 thousand bottles It was withdrawn from circulation in supermarkets in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Ciara, Goiás, Parana and Santa Catarina.

The infractions were varied, such as Unregistered, fraudulent, confidential and contraband products.

During the process, three secret factories were found that were filling oils that were nothing more than a mixture of vegetable oils of unknown origin.

The registration of a factory in the interior of São Paulo has also been suspended, after verification of to cheat in the manufacture of its products during the year 2021.

the Olive oil is the second most fraudulent food product in the world, Just behind the fish.

List of irregular brands suspended in the market in 2021:

  • Alcazar
  • Alentegano
  • I
  • Barcelona
  • Barcelona stained glass
  • Castle of the Mor
  • real crown
  • of olives
  • Del Toro
  • from the boss
  • epic
  • farm ownership
  • Figueira do Foz
  • Madeira Island
  • Monsanto
  • Monte Ruivo
  • Porto Gallo
  • Porto Real
  • Quinta da Beira
  • Quinta da Regalera
  • Galicia Tower
  • tradition
  • Brazilian traditions
  • ancient valley

Valle Viejo’s owner, Robson de Freitas, told g 1 Your brand name oil bottles have been hijacked Not made by your company This, in fact, if Dealing with a counterfeit product.

the g 1 Seeks to communicate with other manufacturers so they can comment on the decision.

The most common fraud in the olive oil industry is A mixture of soybean oil with artificial colors and flavors. Cases of refined olive oil sold as extra virgin oil have also been found.

To avoid buying an oil outside the olive oil classification compliance criteria, check out some of the tips below:

Tips for buying a good oil – photo: clone / map

Extra virgin olive oil can be classified into three types: extra virgin (acidity less than 0.8%), virgin (acidity between 0.8% and 2%), and Lampante (acidity greater than 2%).

The first two types can be eaten fresh, while preserving all the beneficial aspects for the body.

The third type, the Lampante type, must be refined to be consumed, when it is classified as refined olive oil.

Analysis is complex and requires advanced training and equipment. Product fraud is confirmed in analytical reports evaluated by the official network of Federal Agricultural Defense Laboratories (LFDA).

The examination of olive oil is based on Law No. 9.972 / 2000, regulated by Federal Decree No. 6.268 / 2007, and by the normative instructions of Map No. 1/2012, which defines the technical regulation of the product.