July 19, 2024

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Jessilane, Natália and Rodrigo in Paredão of BBB 22 and family members comment on strategies |  BBB22

Jessilane, Natália and Rodrigo in Paredão of BBB 22 and family members comment on strategies | BBB22

JiseilanAnd Natalia e Rodrigo On the second wall of BBB 22 And always compete in the game. Outside the house, relatives of the vaccinated people comment on what they think of the Paredão formation.

The biology teacher’s family was surprised by the sister’s nomination. Caroline appreciates her sister’s game well, but the biologist still couldn’t find herself: “It’s still not as open as it might be for a number of reasons. She cannot adapt due to lack of space.. So I think her game is good, but not what she wants it to be.”

Giseilan with her sister Caroline – Photo: Thais Meinicke / Gshow

The biology teacher’s sister believes that if the voting had not been open, Giseilan would have gotten away with: “They wouldn’t have voted for her, some were moved by the number of votes, some just don’t bother another participant, and they ended up voting for her. If she was in the confession hearing, I think people would They didn’t vote for her like she did.”

Like Giseilan’s relatives, Natalia’s family also did not expect the Minas Gerais woman to go to Paredão again: “I was surprised,” said the nail designer’s mother.

For Daniela, there is no difference between the first and second Paradeo, everything is very painful. She believes that her daughter is being persecuted for several reasons and commented on facing allies in a hot seat: “The choice of close people was very painful, but back home, everyone who came close to her would send her to Paredão. ”

For Diogo, Rodrigo’s brother, the brother knows how to read the game – Photo: Juliana Hebert/Jchu

As for Diogo, Rodrygo’s brother, his brother knows how to read the match: “Rodrygo has an excellent reading of the game. He was already saying that popcorn needed to unite against the Disney group. The problem was that the other participants were afraid. People need to understand that when your life is about fighting and winning, you have no other choice. You won’t be able to live any other way than fighting.”

The commercial manager’s brother believes that Rodrygo, after returning from the hot seat, will do his best for Arthur Agyar e Douglas Silva. He comments that if he could choose someone to take on Paredão, rather than his brother, it would be a carioca: “I’d choose DG. Since we’re all seeing what’s going on, he hasn’t really shown any loyalty.”

BBB22 Wall: Vote to cancel. Giseilan, Natalia or Rodrigo?

BBB22 Wall: Vote to cancel.  Giseilan, Natalia or Rodrigo?

Watch what happened in the early hours of this Tuesday, 02/01:

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