June 23, 2024

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Natalia returns to criticize jokes between the sisters and Eliezer

Natalia returns to criticize jokes between the sisters and Eliezer

Also during her breakup with Lucas, Natalia came back to criticize the jokes that occur between Lin da Quebrada, Giseilan and Eliezer in “BBB 22 inch (TV Globo).

The medical student even suggested that the sister spend more time with him, Eliezer and Slovenia, and take a break from the relationship with the godmothers.

“Try to take a breath from your relationship, stay with me there some more, with Ellie, with Eslô …” Lucas suggested.

The sister asked: “I will give you an example: after you kissed Eslô, on what day did you play with you?”

“No more playing, no,” Lucas replied.

“I’m not Eslô’s friend, no. I’m not her friend. But to me, it’s a matter of respect. I think it’s kind of silly. I’ve said several times that I enjoy the boy, that I don’t like that kind of joke and I don’t think it’s cool,” said Natalia. I’ve said it several times. But it seems even to provoke, you know?”, said Natalia.

The sister continued, “I’ve already made it clear that I don’t like it. Lina is always in the same jokes. I don’t say anything else. The least respect.”

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