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Xbox app update for PC provides support for custom mods and installs

Xbox app update for PC provides support for custom mods and installs

With the update, players will be able to choose the installation folder and will have access to faster downloads

despite of PC Game Pass success, many users of the service specifically complain about the application. X-Box on the platform that He still has many bugs and issues when compared to other popular launchers like steam NS epic games.

Mass Microsoft He seems to be familiar with the criticism. With the latest update of the application, announced with Haq in the video this Thursday (11), The company finally pledges to support mods and allow games to be installed in custom directories, away from the system folder of windows.

Users will have the option to select files The directory and drive will install the games. It will also be possible to set a new default destination in the application settings.

This would solve a series of errors, such as errors when accessing files, permission issues on system folders and, essentially, the old uninstall failure, which caused a loss of disk space, actually removing hidden files from games.

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Support the mod at last!

In the video, Xbox Division Director of Experiences, Jason Beaumont, said one of the challenges with the platform is the diversity of installers and platforms used, such as UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps. Microsoft has made a number of improvements that should lead to fewer problems installing and running these apps.

Additionally, Beaumont notes that feedback from the community has been loud and clear. So they finally apply Support mods and modifications to game files made by users.

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It will be possible Browse game installation folders, transfer files, copy for backup, Among other operations. In the video, Megan Spurr even mentioned a Mass Effect 2 mod that converts all lines of text to Comic Sans.

Mod-compatible games will display this information directly on their homepage, within the Xbox app, as shown in the screenshot below:

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mods m xbox

More improvements to come

Jason promised The update will also provide faster and stable download speeds for users of Xbox Game Pass PC and Game Pass Ultimate. Other improvements promised for this year and 2022 include improvements to HDR (with options in the Windows 11 Games Bar) and more support for developers, with implementation of achievements and plug-in integration into Unreal Engine and Unity.

Finally, the presenters also highlighted the new Cloud Gaming option, available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. It allows streaming to be played, even on computers that can’t run the latest games. The option will be highlighted on the main screen of the Xbox PC app.

Xbox Insider

New Xbox App Launched for PC

Without specifying a date, Microsoft says an app update will be available soon. The new version may be tested first by Xbox Insiders. To register for this program, access this link or follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the Microsoft Store on Windows
  2. Get the pelo Xbox Insider Hub app
  3. Install the application and follow the steps shown on the screen

Given that the release of Halo Infinite multiplayer is scheduled for December 8th, it is highly likely that Microsoft will start distributing the update before that date.

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Activision Blizzard loses to Roblox as the most valuable game company in the US

Activision Blizzard loses to Roblox as the most valuable game company in the US
The Sandbox is already worth $62 billion!


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