June 23, 2024

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Caixa Tem conta bloqueada

Learn how to free up access to a blocked account

the Box Tem was created to meet the request of beneficiaries for emergency assistance, but the application has not been deactivated after the end of the program and continues with the news. Pedro Guimarães, President of the Foundation, wants to turn the Caixa Tem app into a digital account; Therefore, over time, some options have been activated, such as payment of bank vouchers, transfers and Pix.

Nevertheless, Guimarães declared that “all beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil can, through square hisConsult vesting and installments. This is new. We never had a Emergency assistance“.

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Learn now how to open your account in the application

The Caixa Tem account is linked to the cell phone number (sim) and the device that was first accessed. Therefore, if the user changes his number or changes his cell phone, he will have a hard time accessing the digital account again.

For these cases, Caixa Econômica Federal has reported that there is a very simple way to unlock the Caixa Tem. The first is to go to a bank branch or a lottery store, with a CPF and another official document with a photo on hand.

The Caixa Tem phone number change procedure must be implemented in branches to ensure user safety and prevent digital account blocking due to suspected fraud. The same applies in cases where a citizen needs to change the email address used for Caixa Tem. Inquiries and other information can be resolved by calling 111.

Forgot your Cash Team password?

This case is easier, since the password can be recovered through a cell phone without having to go to an agency or lottery. See step by step:

  • Open the Open Tem Cashier app, and click login;
  • Enter your CPF number and click Next;
  • On the next screen, select the option “Password Recovery”;
  • Enter your CPF number again and click “Continue”;

The application will display the following message on the screen “You will receive instructions soon on your registered email”. If you don’t find the message in your email inbox, be sure to check your spam folder as well.

  • When you open your email, find the subject “reset password” sent by login Caixa;
  • Click on the link to reset credentials and register a new password. The Caixa Tem password must be numeric and at least 6 digits long. The application will also not accept your CPF number or date of birth as a password.
  • Repeat the newly created password again and click Continue.

It is worth noting that the Caixa Tem password reset link is valid for 12 hours. After this period, if the password is not reset, the user will have to repeat the step by step from the beginning.

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