June 21, 2024

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R$28.9 million can now be redeemed;  see how

R$28.9 million can now be redeemed; see how

Consumers registered with Nota Fiscal Paulista should exercise caution. As of this week, the amounts refer to purchases and donations with tax documents held in the month of August It can now be replaced. The estimated program aims to provide about 28.9 million Brazilian riyals to these consumers.

To access the corresponding funds, a minimum amount of 0.99 R$ due is required. When redeeming the balance, the consumer can transfer it to a current or savings account through the Nota Fiscal Paulista application (Android or iOS) or through Location from the programme. In both options, the amounts are credited to the submitted account within 20 days.

The consumer can also use the refunded balance to deduct the IPVA tax, but only this balance that refers to the month of October.

Credits must be redeemed by the consumer within one year. If the refund is not made within this period, it will be cancelled. The purpose of Nota Fiscal Paulistana, created in 2007, is to avoid corporate tax evasion.

How is the amount to be refunded calculated?

The amount is calculated in accordance with the tax on market trading and services (ICMS) returned by the commercial plant to the government in the month.

Then the amount is divided between all consumers who recorded their CPF number on the invoice at the time of purchase. Thus, the same purchase can result in different amounts in different months.

Monthly drawings

Nota Fiscal Paulista, in addition to releasing refunds of credits proportional to purchases, makes 600 monthly withdrawals, one of which is in One million Brazilian riyals. In December, exclusively, the amount to be withdrawn will be R$2 million. Check out other sweepstakes below:

  • Four fees of R$500,000;
  • 10 drawings worth 100,000 Brazilian riyals;
  • 15 fee of R$50,000;
  • 20 fee for R$10,000;
  • 50 fee for R$5,000;
  • 500 fee of 1000 Brazilian riyals.
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